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Shareguide.com offers several advertising opportunities for people looking to market their holistic health product or service:

* Holistic Health Directory Listings
3 sizes: Basic, Featured, and Premium Listings in 14 different Directory sections

1) Basic Listings include a Title Line, contact info, a link to your website, and up to 40 words of text. To see an example, browse the Directory.

2) Featured Listings
include a Title Line, contact info, a link to your website, and up to 100 words of text. These listings appear above the basic listings. To see an example, browse the Directory.

3) Premium Listings are the only size to include a Photo or Logo. These listings appear at the TOP of all directory sections.
They include a Title Line, contact info, a link to your website, and up to 150 words of text. To see an example, browse the Directory.

Directory Sections include:
Alternative Medicine
Animal Health
Bodywork and Massage
Business and Personal Services
Counseling and Therapy
Education, Schools, Classes
Natural Foods/ Healthy Products
Psychic Arts/Energy Medicine
Restaurants and Healthy Dining
Retreats, Spas, Travel
Spiritual Practices
Tools for Living
Writing and Books

To submit your Directory listing: Click Here

* Display Ads

Banner ads, small Button ads, and larger Square and Tower ads available
(see examples below and at right) *All display rates listed are for camera-ready ads

Advertising Rates
Directory Listings cost per month
Basic Listing
(up to 40 words)
Featured Listing
(up to 100 words)
Premium Listing
(up to 150 words + photo or logo)
Display Ads
Small Button ad on Homepage
(259 x 85 pixels)
Small Button ad on 21 Gateway pages
(259 x 85 pixels)
Banner ad on Homepage
(469 x 63 pixels)
Banner ad on 21 Gateways pages
(469 x 63 pixels)
Square ad on Homepage
(259 x 300 pixels)
Square ad on 21 Gateway pages
(259 x 300 pixels)
Tower ad - 21 Gateway pgs only
(259 x 700 pixels)

To submit a Directory Listing, use our Submission Form

If you are interested in display advertising, please contact us for more info or you can email your ad to share@shareguide.com

Note: we require a minimum of 2 months when you purchase an ad.

Share Guide advertising Terms & Conditions

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Who reads The Share Guide?
We average 38,000 unique visitors every month

Female   68%
Male   32%

Under 25   3%
25-54    57%
55-65    23%
Over 65   17%

Share Guide readers are:
College educated   85%

Earn a good income   45% over $100K

Care deeply about the environment and buy green products   92%

Shop at natural foods stores regularly  95%

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*Google search results are fluid, so we cannot guarantee that the above list will not change status.

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