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Healthy Product Reviews

We review many healthy gift items, supplements, foods, and other health products for you, our readers. Check back regularly to see what's new!
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Discover Freekeh
Freekeh is a delicious, highly nutritious grain made from roasted green wheat. Available from Freekehlicious, this ancient grain is 100% natural and retains more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals compared to traditionally processed wheat. Low glycemic, non-GMO and vegan.
David's Unforgettables
Unforgettable Foods
The Balsamic Salad Dressings and Balsamic BBQ Sauces from David's Unforgettable Foods are super delicious--as well as gluten free, non-GMO, all natural, no trans fat, Kosher and Vegan.


Organic Dried Fruits & Nuts
International Harvest offers a huge variety of certified organic dried fruits and nuts, many of them raw. Since 1991, International Harvest has been the leading supplier of 100% certified organic, vegan and raw living foods, with over 250 items available. Ask for them at your local natural foods store.
Luscious Coconut Cream
A light, non-greasy cream that soaks into the skin fast, this silky smooth Coconut Cream from Super Salve Co gives you the sensation of being in the tropics. Made with organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, fresh mountain spring water, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E oil, coconut flavor, and grapeseed extract.

Triloka incense
Hand Rolled Herbal Incense
Triloka incense products from Windrose Trading are made with the masala method: mixtures of herbs, gums, resins, woods, and oils. Used traditionally for aromatherapy or purification purposes, each fragrance has a unique formula, handmade by Indian cottage industries with 150 years of tradition.  Absolutely no dipping! (90% of the incense on the market is made from blank sticks dipped in synthetic perfume compound.)

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Betty Lou's
All Natural Baby Bodycare
Developed from nature to be safe and pure, Green Babies understands that your baby is the most precious person on the planet, therefore they strive to include the most beautiful ingredients in their formulas including certified organic botanicals of chamomile, lavender, vanilla and aloe. Hypo-allergenic and tear free, their body care products use only the best naturally derived ingredients and are always free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals.

Green Babies

super salve ad

Merkur Publishing
Cherry Almond Cookies
Gourmet Vegan Cookies
The cookies from Everyday Gourmet Vegan Bakery are not your average vegan cookie--although made with healthy ingredients like spelt flour and organic agave nectar, these cookies are super delicious and you won't feel like you're eating a "healthy cookie" by any means.

Hill Park Medical Center

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