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Ancient Minerals - Ultra Pure Ancient Magnesium
LL Magnetic Clay Inc. - PO Box 619, San Ramon, CA 94582
Email: info@magneticclay.com or call (800) 257-3315
Ancient minerals magnesium oil, Ancient Minerals magnesium gel, and Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes offer a cutting edge approach to combating low intracellular magnesium levels, in a convenient topical application to the skin. Ancient Minerals magnesium oil is the #1 most recommended topical magnesium product by medical professionals worldwide, and the purest Ancient magnesium oil in the world.
Ancient Minerals

Accolades for the Ultimate Sound Therapy
Seven Metals CD - 7 West Main St, Saluda, NC  28773
Email: info@sevenmetals.com or call (828) 749-3466
Praised by massage therapists and yoga teachers worldwide. Deeply relaxing, pristine recording of 25 antique Tibetan singing bowls. A powerful adjunct to healing modalities. "An extraordinary recording performed by a master," Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds. Read more reviews at Amazon.com and SevenMetals.com

Alternatives for Healing Directory
Email: sonja@alternativesforhealing.com or call (303) 476-1714
Alternatives for Healing is a national alternative and complementary medicine directory for finding holistic practitioners, healing products, books, CDs, stores, magazines, schools, expos and seminars. We have over 100 practitioner therapies to choose from. We are also a great educational resource for classes, books and more. Visit us at AlternativesForHealing.com

Cell Phone Safety
Call (800) 634-8869 (toll free - 24 hours)
Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by Cell Phones, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets, etc. has been linked to various stress-induced health issues. We subject ourselves to this overbearing external stressor every day. The GIA Cell Guard allows you to use your Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Bluetooth or PDA with the peace of mind you deserve. Utilizing the proprietary GiaPLex technology, the GIA Cell Guard actively works to neutralize the effects of your exposure to harmful radiation and is designed to strengthen the body's resilience to stress at the same time. 

Chemical Free All Natural Hot Tub Enzyme Solution
Nature's Hot Tub Treatment - 4239 Mill Creek Rd, Healdsburg, CA 95448
Email: info@NaturesHotTubTreatment.com or call (800) 730-8582
Mother Nature's Hot Tub Solution! No more red burning eyes or dry itchy skin!
You and your family can now safely enjoy a healthy and inexpensive, completely chemical and toxin-free, enzyme-based solution for your hot tub and spa maintenance. Sound to good to be true? The natural enzyme formula in our product duplicates Mother Nature's ability to balance and thoroughly cleanse the water in your hot tub, making it the ideal all-natural water treatment system for a crystal clear and chemical free experience. Easy to use, guaranteed to work and less expensive than chemical or salt products. 

Come Home to Mother Earth
EarthCalm EMF Protection Products
Email customerservice@earthcalm.com or call 800-474-2584
Boost your immune system, increase clarity and vitality, reduce headaches and stress. Yes! Experience the benefits thousands of families report with protection from dangerous EMFs generated by Cell Phones, WiFi, smart meters, household current, and appliances. Visit www.earthcalm.com

Heal Your World
Intent Heals, Box 16, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170
Email: jennifer@intentheals.com or call (386)402-8637
The Intent Heals JournalTM is a simple, yet profound tool to nuture a personal capacity for insight and compassion. When we focus our intention and cultivate inner awareness, we open to gratitude, forgiveness and transformation. Join the thousands making a difference! 

Healing Words: Guided Visualizations on Healing Cancer
Email: nancy@immunoviz.com
This booklet, CD combination has been developed by Nancy Union, M.D. for people undergoing treatment for cancer and cancer survivors. The information provided includes detailed descriptions of the functioning of active immune cells. These cells naturally fight cancer within you. By teaching you about the functioning of these cells, you can more successfully guide their activity within your body. The CD allows you to follow along with visualizations designed to take you into the interior of your body and augment the function of your immune system. Become an active participant in your own healing using these Healing Words. 

Heartlites Inc
15 Park Circle, Ste 202, Centerport, NY  11721
Email: info@heartlitesinc.com, call (631) 239-6850 or fax (631) 239-6851
Marcy Neumann's vision and purpose for these products and programs is to provide the tools that empower and support an individual's spirit and goals. By helping people to understand the real power of the Law of Attraction, they are able to utilize their innate abilities to create lives that are happy, healthy and whole. This Law of Attraction Product Series, Create UR Mate, Create UR Dreams and Score, provide the roadmap for the necessary restructuring of thoughts, beliefs and actions that are key to every success! For more personal growth, visit our web site for information on CellpH Love Reiki. 

GladRags Cloth Pads & Menstrual Cups!
GladRags - 215 SE Morrison #2000-E, Portland, OR 97214
Email: orders@gladrags.com or call (800) 799-4523
Live more sustainably with planet & body friendly cloth pads and menstrual cups from GladRags! Chemical and plastic-free reusable menstrual supplies reduce waste and save you money.

The Journey Center - A Place for Transformation!
1601 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Email: info@journeycenter.org or call (707) 578-2121
The Journey Center is a peaceful and welcoming place for all who are spiritually thirsty and seeking an encounter with the Holy. We offer a variety of resources for your journey (many free): workshops, groups, prayer/meditation gatherings, spiritual direction, Enneagram, counseling, homesteading classes, outdoor adventures, retreats, massage, acupuncture and more. Enjoy our art gallery and reading room - free WiFi and beverages. All are welcome!!!

Meditation Healing Tools for Personal & Planetary Healing®
Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Meditation Tools & Music
671 HWY 179, Suite EST-3 Hillside, Sedona, Arizona 86336
Email: info@shambhalahealingtools.com or call (877) 444-SOUL (7685)
Discover more vitality, happiness and an increased feeling of peace and wellness. These beautiful tools radiate Buddha Maitreya's blessings to balance the body, mind and emotions awakening the Soul. For self-healing, healing animals, clearing spaces and protection from negativity. 

Plant a Memory
Plant a Memory Wedding Favors - 257 State Route 34, Locke, NY 13092
Email: favors@plantamemory.com or call (888) 315-SEED(7333)
Go green in 2011 and give your guests eco wedding favors - a gift they will remember FOREVER! 100% unique, 100% natural trees, flowers, herbs, seeds, plantable papers, flower bulbs, herbal soaps, soy candles, natural honey, green tea - massive selections of earth-friendly favors & gifts for Weddings & Special events. FREE personalization. Gifts that grow - plant a memory that lives long beyond the day!

Relieve Your Aches and Pains!
Lost Art Handicraft - PO Box 24 Grouse Creek UT 84313
Email Patti: patti@lostarthandicraft.com or call: 435-747-7515
All natural microwave heating pads with optional aromatherapy.  Great for aches and pains or just to warm you up.  Available in 3 sizes long, square and curve.  Receive 10% off of your order use coupon code comfort11. Free shipping!

T-Shirts for Expanding Minds
life EXPANDINGTM offers you the chance to make an inner choice for your outer day, with T-shirts that challenge and empower both wearer and observer. Straightforward designs such as, “You Can Always Be A Little Nicer” and “Respect (Have it),” remind everyone to be conscious of their actions. “It’s Not Who You Love, It’s That You Love” encourages tolerance for love in all forms. And, for more personal growth, put on a shirt that says, “Fear (Face it),” or “Change (Embrace it),” and feel the difference within yourself.

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