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Perpetual Patterns -- Discover Your Own Patterns!
Contact Neil Chopra by email: nnc@perpatterns.com
Perpetual Patterns is my attempt to introduce you to behavior patterns I have observed in myself and others, through a combination of psychology, philosophy, and poetry. I believe we can reprogram how we approach our situations by being consciously aware of the various patterns we naturally fall into. Readers are invited to bring awareness to their current situations and begin to consciously reprogram how they approach their interactions with others and, ultimately, their view of themselves.  Explore all the patterns free online at www.perpatterns.com
Alternative Cancer Treatments That Work
Book -- OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work, by Tanya Harter Pierce
Email: info@outsmartyourcancer.com or call (888) 679-2669
This 448-page book reveals the remarkable effectiveness of alternative cancer treatments and presents dozens of real-life case stories. More and more people want to avoid chemotherapy or radiation and are turning instead to scientifically proven non-toxic therapies that DON’T cause hair loss, painful lesions or organ damage. Outsmart Your Cancer tells you what you need to know in a clear and straightforward manner and is also the definitive source on “Protocel,” a liquid formula that is curing children, adults, and seniors of cancer of all types. Veterinarians are even recommending Protocel now for their canine cancer patients!

Avoid Cancer One Day at a Time!
David Wick (612)281-3488 Email: marketing@avoidcancernow.com
"Informative, practical, encouraging, reader friendly and filled with information. I am grateful for her work, thorough research, dedication and great writing. This book is like no other!" Brad Walton - CBS Radio. $19.95 at local bookstores or online.

Bestselling Books by Geneen Roth
When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair
- a book about food and life by bestselling author and educator Geneen Roth. It encapsulates 20 years of her groundbreaking work about eating, self-respect, and weight. With an exhilarating combination of wisdom and sass, Roth tackles the secret ways we undermine our best intentions, and while teaching us how to break lifelong patterns of unworthiness, she reveals the happiness that resides in the moment -- the illumination of beauty in everyday life.

Discover How Your Chakras Affect Your Life!
Available through your local bookstore or visit www.ClarmarPublishing.com
Email: Publisher@ClarmarPublishing.com
Experiencing Life Through the Chakras is a book that explores the role your chakras play in how you experience your life. Easy methods are given to work with the chakras to remove limiting patterns and open your life's possibilities.

Find Emotional Wellness - Europe's Energy Medicine Revolution
Terra-Medica and Biomed International - Box 5007, 1465 Slater Rd, Ferndale, WA, 98248
Email: info@biomedicine.com or call (888) 415-0535
The tether to ancient understandings about psycho-somatic (mind-body) influence on health has been lost in the pharmacy. Swiss Doctor, Reimar Banis MD, writes about Energy Medicine and Psychosomatic Energetics  in "New Life Through Energy Healing", available at Amazon.com ($33.99). Use the link to find a PSE practitioner in your area.

FOREVER ONE, Letters From God--You Are Perfect Love
by Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
Email: jerry@hiconnections.com or visit www.hiconnections.com
This book turns many of our accepted, false beliefs right-side up. Reality is spiritual energy, not physical matter. The physical world we and our egos created, which we collectively imagine to be real, is only apparent. Quantum physics now tells us that there is no such thing as solid matter. There is only energy until a conscious being observes the energy wave, at which time it turns into what appears to be temporarily solid matter (a “particle.”) Knowing the Truth as God reveals it in this book, will truly set us free to be the Perfect Love we already are. Released March 2006 by HI Productions, Encino, California, (818) 377-5215. 

God Shall Grow Up
by Wayne Bloomquist Pondy Publishing (775) 355-1704 Email: waynebloomquist@sbcglobal.net
The truth-consciousness manifested in 1956, according to the Mother who was Sri Aurobindo's collaborator, and is bringing startling changes in all facets of our lives. We're moving into the next stage of humanity. Evolution itself is accelerated. Visit www.pondypub.com to find out more about this life-enlightening book.

Inner Traditions / Bear and Company
(800)246-8648  Rochester, Vermont
Email: orders@innertraditions.com or visit www.innertraditions.com
Twenty-eight year old publisher of books on alternative health, ancient mysteries, indigenous cultures, psychology, sacred sexuality, and more. Includes titles for teens and children.

Is Fast Food Killing Your Family?
Canyon Publishing, LLC  (928) 635-1470
Email: books@fastfoodcraze.com
A hopeful, eye-opening book by first-time author, Tina Volpe, Fast Food Craze discusses the fast food giants and how their business decisions affect animals in the slaughterhouses, our health, and encourages readers to stop and think: Why are we eating animals? The book includes quotes as far back as 400 B.C., references to philosophies of M. Ghandi and Buddha, and some characteristics of the animals in a natural environment.  Readers have a chance to explore vegetarianism, treatment of animals, and the importance of making healthful decisions. Published in February, 2005, Fast Food Craze is published by Canyon Publishing, LLC.  

Make Your Holistic Practice a Success
Shaun Brown (916) 988-4322 Email: shaun@bewellpublications.com
Author and speaker Shaun Brown is available for workshops based on her books, How To Create a Successful Holistic Practice and Intentional Success: A Workbook for the Holistic Therapist. Topics reviewed will be: marketing, taxes, money, self-care, self-esteem, communication, schools, and boundaries. Call or visit us online for more information.

Natural Choices for Women’s Health
by Dr. Laurie Steelsmith

Random House/Three Rivers Press, New York, NY

Natural Choices for Women’s Health: How the Secrets of Natural and Chinese Medicine Can Create a Lifetime of Wellness is the first completely accessible guide to show how women can achieve a dynamic new state of optimal well-being by blending the benefits of natural medicine from a Western perspective with Chinese medicine. Innovative, authoritative, and truly comprehensive, it is the only book of its kind to cover every key area of a woman’s health. Written by Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, one of America’s best-known licensed Naturopathic doctors (who is also a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner), this new release has received glowing reviews and is already in its fourth printing. A must-have for every woman. Available in stores, at Amazon.com or visit www.Dr.Steelsmith.com

Think Clearly--Purification Program
Andras Tompa, Direct Orders Manager,
Email: andrast@bridgepub.com
Bridge Publications, Inc., 4751 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029
Discover the only effective and all-natural program for eliminating the devastating effects of drugs, pollutants and toxic substances! Learn how it can help you: Have more energy, Be more alert, Feel happier. Call (800) 295-6117 or visit us online for more information.

Vegan Baking for People and Dogs
Patricia Leslie (510) 527-3273
Email: wholesomeoven@earthlink.net
Definitive guides to successful baking without dairy or eggs, using only unrefined ingredients, no hydrogenated oils. Clear instructions. The Wholesome Oven, Book One: Cookies, Cookies, Cookies -- 45 recipes, drop cookies, bars, rolled, slice'n'bakes. Book Two: Muffins, Coffee Cakes and Other Quick Breads -- 16 kinds of muffin, 7 kinds of scone, 22 more cakes and breads. A bargain at $16 each. And for dogs: The Wholesome Dog Biscuit: a barker's dozen -- hypoallergenic recipes, plus simple instructions, nutrition information, and beautiful original dog portraits. A great gift at $12. Visit my website for free recipes, purchase information, related interest links. 

YES International Publishers
Theresa King, 1317 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105
Email: yes@yespublishers.com or call (651) 645-6808
Yes International Publishers embarks upon the publishing path least traveled. For information, read a newspaper; for books that generate resourceful ideas and practical insights to deal with modern living from a holistic vision, you can’t lose with Yes. Yes International bears an agenda: to provide an Illuminating bridge between the ancient gold of sages and yoga masters of the Himalayas, and the contemporary issues that challenge our energies. Yes seeks readers who aren’t afraid to reexamine their lives in the face of this wisdom tradition and find the hidden treasures that free one for intelligent, peaceful living.

You Are What You Love
Purple Haze Press
Authorized Agents: Vaishali and Sephanie Buenger (415) 789-1711
PMB 167, 2430 Vanderbilt Beach Road #108, Naples, FL
Email: V@purpleV.com or Call: (239) 513-3313
You Are What You Love is the definitive 21st Century guide for spiritual seekers of timeless wisdom who have hit a pothole on the way to enlightenment and are searching for the answers to the big questions in life: Who am I?, Why am I here? Author Vaishali explores mystic Emanuel Swendenborg's philosophy of gratitude and love. She expands this wisdom by associating it to traditional sources including Christianity and Buddhism. Through storytelling and humor Vaishali reveals the book's focal point: You don't Have Love; you Are Love. Listen to Vaishali Fridays 1 p.m. PST.

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