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Buy Vitamins and Discount Supplements
Mountain Naturals of Vermont
20 New England Drive, Suite 10, Essex Junction, VT 05452
Shop online at www.MountainNaturals.com
Or call us toll free at 1-800-992-8451
Mountain Naturals of Vermont is located in Essex Junction, Vermont. We have been providing customers with high-quality vitamins and supplements since 1996. We are a leader in nutritional research and product development and we've been selling exclusively to consumers for more than 16 years. Mountain Naturals offers a full range of supplements for you and your pets in categories such as Weight Management, Joint Supplements, Probiotics, Herbal Supplements and Multivitamins. We also offer a wide variety of pet vitamins and supplements for dogs, cats and horses. Original formulations the company is proud of include N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) and Green Mussel, which are two products that launched Mountain Naturals to the forefront of the supplement industry. Our ingredients are guaranteed to conform to the highest standards of quality, purity and potency. Shop our products today at www.MountainNaturals.com and enjoy fast shipping and great service!

Mountain Naturals of Vermont

How Clean Is Your Medicine?

The Organic Cannabis Foundation - 301 East Todd Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Email: cannaorganic@yahoo.com or call (707) 588-8811
Organicann is an organization committed to providing safe access to quality organic cannabis for medical purposes. We represent a professional and respectable approach to providing a variety of medical cannabis to patients in an atmosphere that promotes healing and dignity. Organicann leads the way in providing legal cannabis to people in need by adhering to all State and Local statutes. We provide access to a medicine that offers hope and relief to those who suffer from a variety of medical conditions. Our organization also donates to many local charities that support the community we all live in.

Super Salve - Herbal Salves, Creams & Skincare

Using only organically farmed herbs, oils, essential oils, butters and waxes, Super Salve products undergo an herbal infusion process in which beneficial herbs are submerged in olive oil for a month to concentrate their healing qualities. Four salves available: the original product, Super Salve, is an antioxidant salve for the soothing and healing relief of dry and cracked skin, as well as abrasions, eczema, and insect bites; Arnica Salve works fast and effectively on muscle aches, joints and tension; Sun Salve blocks harmful ultraviolet rays while soothing and healing the skin; and the Calendula Salve is excellent for scars and wrinkle treatment, sunburn/windburn, and protecting skin from dehydration. Many other products available such as creams, lip balms, lotions, etc.   

Super Salve

All Natural and Organic Snacks
Healthy Snack Store
Email: snackstore@comcast.net or Call: (509) 468-2898
Tired of the commercialized snacks on the grocers' shelves? Trying to make better decisions with the types of snacks you currently have in your home? We offer a full line of all natural and organic snacks that will not only satisfy your taste buds, but pack some great nutrition as well. Try the Real Fruit Snacks that contain 1 whole apple in every bar or some Bear Naked Granola or Honey Roasted Soy Nuts. Stop by our secure website today for easy ordering!

The Best CBD Oils and Products
Here at billyscbdstore.com we have all you need from insta-lift creams to pain creams, anti-stress to moisturizing creams. Get all that you are looking for at

Bands & Socks That Reduce and Relieve Body Aches & Pains Naturally
Pain CheckerTM
Health Wear  Email: pchecker2006@aol.com or call Richard at (201)421-1025
Pain CheckerTM back bands, knee bands and slipper socks use your body's own healing power to reduce nagging aches. Clinically tested--safe to use, non medicinal and completely natural. Lightweight, comfortable and washable. Great for travel. Currently being sold in catalogs. 

Biolean Weight Loss Supplements
My Natural Supplements - Midwestern Wellness
Email: info@mynaturalsupplements.com or call (866) 882-9233
Doctor recommended natural supplements available with free shipping. Listed in Physician's Desk Reference. Very pure Omega 3 fish oil supplement, natural weight loss supplements, energy drinks, protein shakes and more. 30 day money-back guarantee. Vegetarian capsules, organic products

Buy TruWell HGH & Liquid Multivitamins
TruWell Health and Wellness  Email: bfrein@clickstop.com or call (866)TRUWELL
TruWell Heath and Wellness Products feature top quality HGH, Liquid Multi Vitamins, and Joint Support with Glucosamine Chondroitin

Cellfood — Entering our 5th decade of optimizing health!
Lumina Health Products - Sarasota, FL
Email: info@luminahealth.com or call (800) 749-9196
Cellfood is the Number 1-selling oxygen + nutrient dietary supplement in the world--distributed in over 70 countries globally. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2009, this unique product is beginning its fifth decade of providing abundant oxygen and 129 life-enhancing minerals, enzymes and amino acids to men and women worldwide. Wherever you live, you probably know someone who is taking Cellfood, and who can share their experiences with you. Cellfood is the only health supplement that comes with a 100% money-back customer satisfaction guarantee with NO time limit. And be sure to learn about the rest of the extraordinary Cellfood product line. 

Chlorenergy® since 1964
The world's most scientifically researched green chlorella algae "
C'est Si Bon Company
1308 Sartori Ave. Suite 205, Torrance, CA 90501
call: 1-888-700-0801 or email: Info@BestChlorella.com
New concept of taking green vegetable nutrition instantly by way of easy-to-swallow condensed green tablets.  Chlorenergy(R) is a complete food by itself with essential vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, dietary fibers, EFAs, carotenoids, RNA/DNA and more. 47 years of extensive research/studies show chlorella vulgaris may get rid of cholesterol, trigriceride, heavy metals in body system. Go for green today! 

Discount Vitamins and Supplements
Swanson Health Products - Fargo, ND   Email: customercare@swansonhealth.com or call
(1-800) 824-4491
Swanson Health Products provides vitamins, supplements, herbs, organic foods, natural beauty products and eco-friendly cleaners at discount prices.

Genetic Testing
GX Sciences  844-258-5564
GX Sciences offers medical professionals genetic testing services for their patients that are looking to learn more about how their genes impact or could come to impact their overall health. Through years of research, our team has identified key SNPs that can indicate health performance in areas such as methylation, inflammation, autophagy, mood, gastrointestinal, health, and much more. Our newly developed SNP analysis software, SNP Genius, easily shares test results with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations as well as health precautions. Visit our website to learn more about our DNA panels and find a provider in your area.

Healthier, Safer, Superior Products!!
Kelly Olson
safeproductsnow@gmail.com or call (605) 770-6781
Our 350 household products are significantly superior in effectiveness, quality, and safety than any of our competitors. When dealing with your health you don't want to make any compromises. We stand for making a healthier, longer, and more vibrant life for our customers and their children. If you are interested in creating a toxin free home for your family please take a minute to contact us and learn how easy it really is. You will be glad that you did! 

Healthy Natural Skin Care Products
Herbal Luxuries Natural Skin Care Products
PO Box 820, Pelham, AL 35124
Email: sales@herballuxuries.com or call (866) 825-6584
Make 2011 the year that you detox your skin with therapeutic quality natural hair, body and skin care products. Herbal Luxuries specializes in natural products for problem skin including acne, anti-aging, cellulite, eczema, body, and hair care products. All formulated with quality non-toxic natural herbal and organic ingredients, vitamins and skin enhancing nutrients. Visit our skin health and beauty center, read customer reviews and testimonials. We ship to all US states and territories--also most international locations. All US orders $80+ get free shipping everyday, plus we send learn mores on every order.

Herbal Remedies from the Amazon
Amazon Discovery LLC. - Tamaqua, PA
Email: sales@amazondiscovery.com or call (888) 570-1300
Amazon Discovery provides quality nutritional raw materials needed for mass production companies, as well as to the single customer looking to supplement their diet with nutritional food products. Visit our website for prices and our product listing featuring a large variety of herbs, fruits, vegetables and marines.

Herbal Remedies
Dimmak Herbs - 7978 Linda Vista #1, San Diego, CA 92111  Email: sean@dimmakherbs.com or call (702) 560-4372
Dimmak Herbs formulates and manufactures high end herbal remedies, supplements, first-aid, training, and clinical products as well as bulk herbs and custom formulations

Herbal Remedies & Treatments
Derma Remedies
 Email: paul@dermaremedies.com
Derma Remedies is an all natural company offering proven effective treatments for warts, hemorrhoids and skin tags. Also offering treatment for symptoms such as eczema and scar removal.

Home Remedies
Home Remedy Haven  Email: info@homeremedyhaven.com
Offering a wide range of natural and alternative health tips, natural health products and services promotion, and a free holistic health practitioner guide and vendor directory.

Jenulence Mineral Makeup and Natural Skincare
Jenulence -- PO Box 1661 New York, NY 10101-1661  Call: 732-447-3663 or email: info@jenulence.com
Jenulence offers natural mineral makeup and skin care products for women and men, made without synthetics, micronized minerals or fragrances

Memory Foam Mattresses
Select Foam - www.selectfoam.com
Offering a wide range of memory foam mattresses, all natural latex mattresses, pillows and accessories.

MesoSilver® Brand Colloidal Silver
Purest Colloids, Inc. - 600 Highland Drive, Suite 602, Westampton, NJ 08060
Email: sales@purestcolloids.com or call (609) 267-2112
MesoSilver® is one of the only True Colloidal Silver products being produced in the world today. It has the smallest silver particles ever produced (.65 nm). The Particle Surface Area (which determines effectiveness) is many times higher than any other product on the market. Compared to true colloidal silver, all home generators, as well as most silver products being sold are Ionic Silver, which is clear and colorless. Contrary to older and incorrect scientific assertions, a true colloid is NOT clear. The problem with ionic silver is that it reacts with the chloride in the stomach or bloodstream to form silver chloride, which is not a good antimicrobial agent. Clearly, a true colloid is the way to go for effectiveness. You can download our brochure on the main page of our website at www.purestcolloids.com which discusses this is much greater detail. 

Mineralife LLC - 1555 Paonia St, Colorado Springs, CO  80915
Email: customerservice@mineralifeonline.com or call (719) 219-8111
Mineralife can supply you with liquid ionic angstrom-sized electrically charged minerals such as boron, calcium, and more. According to Dr. Pauling and others, all diseases and disorders can be controlled, if not eliminated, by giving the body the minerals it needs to fight and overcome imbalances

Mountain Naturals of Vermont For You & Your Pets
Mountain Naturals of Vermont
20 New England Drive, Essex Junction, VT 05453
Please visit: www.mountainnaturals.com or call (800) 992-8451
Mountain Naturals of Vermont is a division of FoodScience Corporation. It is family owned and has been in business for over 30 years. We are a leader in nutritional research and product development, selling exclusively to the Consumer for over 10 years. We continue to set new quality standards and product innovations. We offer a full range of specialty products for YOU and YOUR PETS such as Immune System Support; Joint and Connective Tissue Formulas; Eye, Prostate, Menopause and Weight Management Support Formulas. We guarantee all our products for Purity and Potency, Integrity and Formulation and Adherence to Label Claims.

Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment - 97% Success Rate
First Hand Medical - 3434 East 7800 South, Suite 328,  Salt Lake City, UT  84121
Call: 1-800-798-5210 or E-mail: relief@MyCarpalTunnel.com
Information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, includes a list of common Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, An effective Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment, a doctor reviewed description and prognosis of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. The Carpal Solution is considered by Neurologists as the best Carpal Tunnel Exercise. Passive hand exercise is the best alternative medicine, because it consistently stretches the hand during sleep over six weeks without risks or complications.  Patients call it a Carpal Tunnel Cure. Carpal tunnel surgery has many risks and has to be repeated. This holistic treatment can be repeated without risks of surgery or steroids. A homeopathic Carpal Tunnel Therapy.

Natural, Whole-Food Vitamins & Dietary Supplements & Free Health Newsletter
Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc  (858) 673-0224
Nutritionist & Author of the Cleanse Cookbook offers whole food, nutritional supplements & vitamins by Garden of Life, New Chapter, Mt. Capra; internal cleansing programs by Ejuva & Arise & Shine; natural weight loss programs including Perfect Weight America & Maker’s Diet; MyChelle natural skin care & free, online “Transform Your Health” newsletters with articles on health, nutrition, internal cleansing, weight loss, natural living & more. Visit us on the web at www.BeyondProbiotics.net.

Natural Health Treatments
Healing Natural Oils   Email: todd@amoils.com
Healing Natural Oils offer all natural, proven and time-tested formulas which eliminate a variety of common conditions including skin tags, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, warts and much more! Visit us today

Natural Pain Relief
Email: exceptionalsupplements@cox.net or find online: www.exceptionalsupplements.com
Tripernol Green Lipped Mussel Oil. Naturally processed Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand.8 different omega-3s. Get fast relief from painful hands, knees, and those early morning aches and pains. 16 times stonger than Moxxor. Tripernol makes your feel better! Exceptional Supplements LLC 

New Telomerase Enzyme - Telezyme
Enriching Gifts of Oregon - Portland, OR
Email: jan@enrichgifts.com or call toll free (866) 959-4369
Take control of your life with the Enriching Gifts product line. Plant based supplements that provide a strong foundation for your good health. Overcome the ravages of aging using Telezyme (telomerase enzyme). Free shipping on orders over $99 (some limitations)

Once Again Nut Butters
Once Again Nut Butters are tasty, healthy, and nutritious. The line includes both organic and natural butters in peanut, almond, raw almond, cashew, sunflower, and tahini varieties. Try also the American Classic Peanut Butters which have no oil separation, and our
Omega-3 Almond and Peanut Butters made with organic flax seed oil

Probiotic Condiments & Dressings
Zukay Live Foods - Elverson, PA
Zukay's all-natural raw salsas, relishes & salad dressings are preserved through fermentation rather than from artificial preservatives. Consequently they not only taste great but provide three live active probiotic cultures in every serving, for increased digestive health and immune system functionality. Eat Fresh, Live Healthy

100% Pure Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil and Black Currant Juice
Christa Cook PO Box 69, Mt. Vernon, VA 22121 (703) 360-5766
America's leading source for 100% pure authentic pumpkin seed oil and seeds from Austria's Steiermark, also 100% pure USDA certified organic Black Currant Juice. A unique selection of premium vinegar, fruit gummis, kitchen knives and corkscrews round out the program

Put the Brakes on Aging! DNA Activation

Telomere Ageless Solutions
Email: info@dnadietvitamin.com
When we age, we lose telomeres. These are the end caps of our DNA that erode as every cell replicates. In 2009, three Scientists won the Nobel Prize when they successfully activated an enzyme (telomerase) in our DNA, which then extends telomere DNA - providing a platform that enables exact replication of the chromosomes in full without deterioration. They thought DNA deterioration would perhaps possibly halt when the telomerase enzyme was activated – but subsequent trials by Harvard Medical School shocked the world when their test mice appeared to reverse age! Dr. Bill Andrews and Dr. John Anderson are world leaders in their respective fields of Telomere engineering and natural Supplements, and have been working in this field for over 30 years. Through their hard work, they have patented a Natural Botanical that, - when taken with a Cellular Nutritional and Cleansing System – you too can achieve astonishing results that will literary put the Brakes on Aging!

Raise Your Serotonin Levels Naturally
Email: adrian@iwr.com or call: 503-353-8968
Laminine is an all Natural Product with a "100% - 30 day Money Back Guarantee"
11 Clinical Studies have been conducted which showed laminine's positive effects on Physical, Mental, Emotional Strengths and Overall Health.
* Improve Stamina & Energy  * Reduce Stress  * Promote More Restful Sleep
* Faster Recovery after training  * Better muscle tone  * Increased muscle strength
* Elevate Serotonin Levels  * Reduce Signs of Aging  * Decrease Pain
* Aid in Brain Function  * Increase Clarity and Alertness  * Increase Libido & Burn Fat
* Memory Enhancements   * Mood Enhancement. 

Vegan Dream Vegetarian Jerky

Vegan Dream, Inc. - P.O. Box 700, Bayside, CA 95524 Email: info@vegandream.com
Vegan Dream Vegetarian Jerky is a soy-based product, which is fat free, cholesterol free and preservative free. It is available in three flavors: Original Hickory Pepper, Cowgirl, and Hot Chili Pepper.

Reach out to Your HEALTH with NOPAL
Ben Stafford  staffben@gmail.com
If I could show you a way to earn an extra monthly income all from a low start up of $10.00, would that interest you? Would you enjoy using and/or selling life changing products? Live a healthier life with Nopal extract. Nopal Max extracts aid in...learn more at  ohealthydays.com/nopal

Wound Honey
Aids in the Healing of Wounds, Cuts, Burns, Scars and Scrapes

ERAS Natural Sciences, Inc. - PO Box 754, Ventura, CA 93002
Email: info@woundhoney.com or call (877) 519-9191
Wound Honey™ is a natural antibacterial that aids in the treatment of wounds, cuts, burns, scars and scrapes.  Wound Honey™ is made with the purest Certified Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand.  Wound Honey™ also contains natural Aloe and Vitamin B to enhance the soothing properties, reduce inflammation and promote growth of new, healthy skin cells. Wound Honey™ extracts drainage from the wound, protects against infection and decreases pain levels. Ideal for use on diabetic ulcers, bed sores, burns, cuts.

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Super Salve

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