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Psychic Arts & Energy Medicine Section

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Distance Psychic Energy Healing
Vega Star Healings
Contact Daniel for a distance psychic scan and get to the root cause of active paranormal \ energy issues: Daniel@vegastarhealings.com
Frequencies can be adjusted and resolutions can be felt within 24 hours.
Do you always feel or think of people you dislike? Check out Parasite Cord Cutting.
Do you have lower back pain after a stressful day? Check out 7 Core Chakra Balance.
Home life full of negative emotions between family members? Check out a Home Energy Field Clearing.
Do you see spirits or ghosts but they appear negative and want them removed? Spirit Dismissal.
Pet Healing, Chakra Balancing and Cord Cutting available.  Emotional and mental issues can be helped.

Vega Star Healings
Insights On Career, Love, and Decisions
Email: theoffice@derekcalibre.com
Derek Calibre, the host of Comcast's "Psychic Workshop", has been featured on CNN, and NBC News 8’s “Psychic Hawaii”. Derek works with his clairvoyance, in conjunction with a signature deck of postcards that reveal insights into time, places and people relevant to your story.

Private sessions are available by phone or in person. Find information and testimonials at

LoveJourney: The Healing Path of Tantra for Women
led by Evalena Rose, M.A. and guest teachers  Email: evalena@tantraforwomen.com  707-824-1118
www.tantraforwomen.com or www.lovejourneytantra.com
Learn ancient arts of connection, intimacy and passion through energy-moving breathwork, dance, sexual healing, and ritual. More singles than couples - all orientations are welcome. See our web site for descriptions of workshops and a sample of an award-winning video that documents this work. Introductory evenings held throughout the Bay Area. Enjoy Sacred Paths to Erotic Bliss, an on-going six-month group for men and women, that allows for deep integration of these practices into life. Also offer Circles of Radiance Pujas, advanced celebrations with others experienced in Tantra.
Introduction to Tantra: Men & Women: July 11 - Sebastopol, others TBD
Circle of Radiance Puja, July 12, Sept.13, 1-10pm --Men & Women experienced in Tantra:
Sacred Paths to Erotic Bliss - 6 month group for Men & Women, Sebastopol, October 11 & 12 through March, 2015

Vibrational Medicine Healer and Teacher
Joy Metcalfe (707) 824-9911 Sebastopol, CA
email joycmetcalfe@aol.com
Joy Metcalfe is a Medical Intuit, Reiki Master, and Trance Channel. She offers past and present life regressions, classes, workshops, and an Apprenticeship Program. Joy is the Directory of The Rainbow Lotus School of Vibrational Medicine. Internationally known, she has a reputation for results. With over 25 years experience in the metaphysical realm, her clear, precise, detailed information can assist you in creating the transformations needed to enhance your life. Voted best Psychic Intuitive by Share Guide readers.
Angel Readings
Jeanette Hill, M.A.
Email: mariposajhill@aol.com or call (415) 456-1678
Angel Readings by phone or in person located in San Rafael, CA. Ask your angels about life transitions, career, relationships, life purpose, gifts and talents, and more. Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Angel Therapy PractitionerTM, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. 

Clear and Straightforward Readings
Karla Bruk Call: (707) 829-9111 or Email: karla@brukstudios.com
I start a reading by focusing on what is bringing you in. I look for information, messages and insights that will give the most clarity and understanding. I work fast with practical, down-to-earth information that you can put to immediate use in your daily life. Clear, concise and straightforward communication is my goal. I also teach classes, to groups and privately, in developing and strengthening psychic skills. 

Discover the Light Within
Susan Lurty   707 837-9102 Windsor, CA
Feeling the Unconditional Love and Light of Divine Source within yourself comforts you as we address your needs and concerns through the many paths to personal serenity. These include the application of 1) intuitive arts to understand your life journey, the potential of relationships, the challenges you face,  for messages from guides, angels or loving spirits or other lives; 2) metaphysical tools for claiming, releasing or transforming energies--even a home or object; 3) mind/body strategies and techniques to identify and change beliefs that sabotage your life; and 4) channeled energies to support your healing and reduce stress.

Heal Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Body
Judy Mehr, Practitioner of Light and Sound Healing
Email: judymehr@aol.com or call (707) 577-0639
Judy Mehr is a certified Energy Healer and an Ordained Healing Minister. She uses Light and Sound Healing, and partners with her clients to heal physical and/or emotional pain and trauma by removing energy blocks. Light and Sound Healing allows an individual to get in touch with her/his essence to achieve radiant health and inner peace and bring balance to the vital force energy centers called chakras. Healings are done both in person or by phone and are equally powerful.

Meridian Balance Massage
Surja Dehn, Healing of the Heart Center
San Francisco, CA 94131 Email: info@surja.de or call (415)990-5091
This massage balances the Chi flow in your body. How does this work? Meridian lines are invisible energy lines in your body that carry Chi, the universal life energy. Along these lines are meridian points. In a healthy and balanced body, Chi can flow through these lines easily. When there is disorder in the flow of Chi, the lines are blocked. This can affect internal organs and cause illness. By gently touching the meridian lines, the flow of Chi is stimulated, blockages dissolve. It is a wonderful, relaxing experience, and supports the self healing powers of your body.

Plexus Worldwide Healthy Products
Bill Elsenrath  Email: elsenrath@yahoo.com
Carrying a line of healthy products including Plexus Slim the Pink Drink for weight loss. Other products contain natural ingredients like the New Zealand Blackcurrant and plant based Omega 3 fatty acid. Newest product MegaX contains AHIFLOWER® Oil.

QHHT Miami Past Life Regression

Kaya Wittenburg 305-351-0367
Energetically heal your body through a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session. Your higher self is waiting for the connection.  You'll be able to connect with past lives and progress into the future through a life-changing hypnotic regression.

Solar Logos Foundation

P.O. Box 2008 - Buellton, CA 93427 (888) 689-0352
email solarlogos@utech.net
The teachings of Solar Logos Foundation will inevitably draw you to the absolute experience of those truths from which all religions gained their births. SLF offers retreats and instruction in meditation and light living that will enable any sincere seeker to meet God face to face.

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