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The Health Benefits of Mangosteen
by Ken Seguine
Powerful Anti-Oxidant Fights the Effects of Aging

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The tropical fruit mangosteen is so incredibly delicious, that people who have tasted it just can’t seem to stop talking about it. These lucky few Americans who’ve enjoyed The Queen of Fruits, will wax rhapsodic, their eyes glazing over, in their search for words to convey the exquisiteness of its flavor, the luxury of its taste. 
    The rest of us will just have to take their word for it because mangosteens are not legal to sell in the United States. The culprit to blame is the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, a dangerous pest that could do some serious damage to the largest industry in our state agriculture.
    Even if we can’t savor the flavor, we can fortify our bodies with the functional benefits. Mangosteen is an off-the-charts antioxidant available as either a juice or in capsules. The wondrously flavorful juice is made from the snow-white interior of the fruit that pulls apart in segments much like an orange.  However tasty it may be, the white flesh, like many other white foods, is relatively low in nutrition. It’s the deep-red rind of the fruit that’s the source of the nutritional benefits. Just like other fruits and vegetables with deep colors, the rind is rich in plant compounds that are powerhouse antioxidants.
    Antioxidants are the good guys in our diets--substances that neutralize damaging free radicals in the body. Some of the first antioxidants discovered were Vitamin C and Vitamin E. More recently, plant pigments, the things that produce the colors in fruits and vegetables, have been found to contain even more potent antioxidant ability. This provides scientific proof of the common-sense notion that a diet with a wide variety of deeply colored fruits and vegetables is healthy.
     Free radicals are the bad guys, naturally produced in the body by our regular functioning. Free radicals are a normal part of life. We see their damage all around us, from rust on steel, to the brittleness of old plastic, to the lines on our faces. Free radicals damage healthy cells. They have been identified as major causes of disease and what we call aging may really be accumulated damage of free radicals over time. All the things we know are bad for us such as stress, smoking, and exposure to pollutants increase production of free radicals in our body and can have long lasting, damaging effects. Antioxidants work to stop free radical damage and we all try to increase consumption of them in our diets.
    There is a laboratory test that measures the relative antioxidant power of foods called the ORAC test (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Not surprisingly, iceberg lettuce has a low ORAC number while things such as blueberries have a high ORAC number. The US government has estimated that Americans should consume a diet that will provide them with a daily ORAC value of approximately 13,000.
    Mangosteen juice or capsules are sold in the US as dietary supplements and can provide a delicious and convenient way to boost the antioxidant content of your daily diet.  A good method to use in evaluating a Mangosteen supplement is on the basis of that ORAC number. Look for a product that has the highest number possible. It helps assure you of getting the maximum antioxidant value.
    Nothing takes the place of eating pure, well-grown fruits and vegetables, but using a mangosteen supplement can provide a valuable, convenient way to boost the antioxidant content in your diet. Eat your antioxidants everyday and fight the effects of aging.

Ayurceutics offers an encapsulated extract of the mangosteen rind with an ORAC value of over 129,000 per bottle. Ask for their complete line of high-potency Ayurvedic herbal supplements at your local health food store or visit www.ayurceutics.com

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