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The Share Guide recommends the following practitioners for those interested in Animal Communication and improving their relationship with their pets.

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(210) 402-1220
“Compassionate support for your pet’s body, mind, spirit and emotions” is Kat Berard’s motto. She helps you understand your pet better and addresses health and behavioral issues through employing telepathic communication and medical intuition. The informative transcripts from communication sessions help Kat’s clientele understand their pet’s needs, and deepens the bond between them. Kat offers worldwide services for all issues concerning your pet. She also offers Bach flower essences, holistic care education, and worldwide workshops. Check out Kat’s internet radio show, Animal Corner on

(805) 512-1720
Suzi is an interspecies animal communication specialist, channel, and intuitive healer. Suzi’s commitment is being a bridge from the hearts and soul essence of the animals to their human friends by creating a sacred place of communication and love for the highest vibration of all concerned. Animal Communication is accomplished with telepathy, a silent mind to mind/soul essence to soul essence connection. Telepathy allows Suzi to communicate with your animal or any being from her location to anywhere on or off this planet, because there are no physical boundaries. If you are wondering what your animal is trying to tell you, or if you are curious about your animal’s desire to live a fulfilled & happy life, Suzi can help.

(805) 646-2690
Susan Draffan works with animals of all species and those in spirit form. Her intuitive attunements help people and their animals to connect on a soul level, discern their purpose in being together, and grow in mutual understanding. Susan facilitates harmonious problem resolution through interspecies counseling and insightful vibrational essence use. She is deeply grateful for the many gifts she receives from her own animal family and for the profound trust she receives from her clients. Susan’s mission is to honor the shining spirit in all beings by celebrating the human-animal bond though her life and work.

(661) 269-4647
Lydia is one of the most sought after animal communicators around. Her childhood dream of becoming a fairy godmother to animals seems to have come true. Lydia’s client list numbers over 60,000 and many began as skeptics. She has appeared on David Letterman, Animal Planet, The Tonite Show, The View, and many other programs, as well as radio and print. She is also the author of Conversations with Animals. Lydia is an “animal analyst.” She teaches the techniques to use with animals and non-verbal people. She is available for consultations, seminars, and lectures.

A professional communicator for over six years, Denise’s work is to listen and translate, and to guide you and your animals on your mutual journey. Denise says, “Look into an animal’s eyes and feel their depth, how they say, ‘I am here, and I see you.’ You can expand this dialogue, reach across the diverse cultures, and meet in that place of openness, with a deep appreciation for each others’ uniqueness.” Denise feels that animals have so much to tell us, both about the sublime (their deep understanding) and the mundane (how to improve their happiness and health, behavior and relationship with you). Denise is available for phone consultations.

(415) 663-1247
Penelope is the founding pioneer in the field whose name, “interspecies telepathic communication,” she originated. A legendary teacher for 30 years, she has helped launch the careers of numerous animal communicators. Author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, The Interspecies Telepathic Connection Series, Animal Death: A Spiritual Journey, Dolphin Talk, Animal Spirit Call. She is also editor of Species Link, a quarterly magazine dedicated to interspecies communication. Penelope offers master classes, dolphin and whale adventures, healing circles, and retreats. Visit her website for publications, courses, and an animal communicator directory.

(707) 431-2213
Kazuko offers an in-depth examination into understanding the physical, emotional, and spiritual dynamics between people and their animals. The animals take on and mirror people’s energy willingly, to manifest illnesses or abnormal behaviors in order to bring awareness about certain aspects of their people’s life. Animals do this for their own healing and growth, and to create a partnership in health and well-being with their people. Kazuko is a registered veterinary technician and incorporates belief transformation, heart energy work, and flower essences to assist animals in healing deep-seated fears and traumas. She works with all species of animals.

(707) 583-2348 VM
Connection with Nature and life itself are synonymous for Winterhawk. She has communed lifelong with animals, guides, elements. After practicing massage, Reiki, hypnotherapy, essences, and intuitive arts, she integrated these with her love for animals. Twelve years into Interspecies Communication, Winterhawk has assisted thousands toward greater harmony in living and in passing. Telepathically receiving the animal’s thoughts, pictures and bodily sensations, Winterhawk assists human clients, health practitioners, and trainers to know what the animal needs and wants. Consultation, energy work and individualized shamanic healings
structure Winterhawk’s work. Passion for individual and collective harmony form her intention.

(760) 533-4603
Cindy Westen is an animal communicator (telepath) and intuitive healer. She has been blessed with a gift that enables her to communicate with the mind and hearts of animals. Her goal is to heighten the bond between people and their pets. Telepathy is like having a conversation with a person, but it’s a conversation between the minds. Cindy asks the animal your questions or gives them information and shares their feedback with you. All she needs is a photo and a list of what you would like to know, and she can email or mail you the information from the reading. For more information call or visit her website.

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