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Interview with Betty Bethards

Well known Mystic, Spiritual Healer and Meditation Teacher, and author of such books as The Dream Book, Ways to Awareness and Be Your Own Guru

By Dennis Hughes, Share Guide Publisher

Betty Bethards photo

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The Share Guide:
Can we start by discussing the out-of-body experience which started you on your spiritual quest?

Betty Bethards: Well, I actually had two of them. With the first one, I’d come home from playing bridge, went to bed about midnight, and woke up an hour later and I was floating above my body. It was a dark room, but I could see my body down below me. Of course, it’s very terrifying. I reached down and grabbed me to pull me back in. And a voice said to me, "You’re going to be very sick with pneumonia; get to the doctor." So I woke my husband up and I said, "I was floating above my body." He has this heady degree in math and he said "That’s alright honey, you’ll be fine in the morning." So the next morning I said, "I want to go to the doctor, I have pneumonia." He said, "You don’t look sick." I said, "I’m not, but I have pneumonia."

So I went to the doctor and the doctor said "Betty, you don’t even have a fever, there’s no way that you have pneumonia." He wouldn’t even give me an antibiotic. So I went to his partner and I said, "Look, I’ve got pneumonia and I want a chest x-ray." He said, "you don’t have pneumonia lady", but he said it’s important to acknowledge dreams. So he took two chest x-rays and sure enough, just starting up and down the left lung, was pneumonia. He couldn’t believe it, but he said, "It’s viral, go home, stay in bed and take aspirin." He wouldn’t give me an antibiotic. I went home, but I didn’t stay in bed because I didn’t feel sick.

Three days later, boy was I sick, with a temperature of 101,102,103…104 and 105! And it went on and on. On the 10th day they wanted to hospitalize me and I said, "What are you going to give me?" The doctor said, "I’m going to give you pain killers and tranquilizers." I said, "I’m not in pain, I’m dying of fever. I can die cheaper at home."

So I stayed home, and at the end of two weeks I was sitting on the couch leaning forward thinking "Boy, am I sick!" when I found myself in the dining room looking back at me sitting on the couch, and I said, "Wow, is she sick! I don’t want to go back." And the Voice again said to me, a very powerful, loving voice (but it’s one you trust and really listen to) "This is fine, you don’t have to go back, but this is death if you choose to stay." It said, "You have 24 hours in which to have an antibiotic or you will have no choice and will have to come back." I said, "I don’t want to come back." (You see it from a different perspective when you’re out there.) So they started flashing my kids in front of me. The first one was 13. I said, "He’ll be fine." The next one was 11. I said, "He’ll be fine." Next one was 3 1/2. I said, "He’ll be fine." The last one was 18 months and I said, "I have to go back." And then I was just instantly back in my body.

The interesting thing is, when I was across the room and I looked down, I had a body&endash;it had the same clothes on as the one on the coach did. But I was up by the chandelier, which meant I had to be at least 2 feet off the floor. So, this time when my husband walked in the door I said, "OK, this time I have 24 hours to get an antibiotic". I was living in Bellevue, Washington. I said, "You call every doctor in Seattle and get me an antibiotic.

Now of course, I understand there’s no accidents, or coincidences. We called the same clinic we’d been calling for two weeks, and this old Italian doctor answers and says, "Oh my God, get her into the car and I’ll see her right now!" So he looked at the x-rays and said, "You’ve got to have an antibiotic right now." So my husband got the prescription. My temperature broke to 101 that night. But it took me two months to get a clear chest x-ray.

So of course, once you know there’s no death, you have to stop and say "Whoa! What am I doing here? Who in the hell am I?" And that’s where you really stop and say, "OK…Jesus said it. He said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within; go within and you’ll know God." It’s all inside of us. I had to wait two years before they started talking to me from the other side.

The Share Guide: Let me clarify at this point: Your first out of body experience happened when you were asleep?

Betty: Yes.

The Share Guide: The second one though, were you also asleep?

Betty: It was daytime. Because this time I wasn’t floating horizontally, I was standing up. I was just in another room looking back at me sitting on the couch. And if somebody lit a match at that instance, I could have cared less. This is the thing you have to realize - you don’t care what happens to your body. It’s like an old coat that you no longer need, and it has no meaning whatsoever to you.

The Share Guide: Dr. Larry Dossy, who I interviewed, says that people often dream about their health and often they dream about self-diagnosis.

Betty: Oh absolutely, but I don’t call it self-diagnosis. I think God gives it to us. I hear the Voice. I mean the Voice is very accurate, very loud, but it’s not me talking, I can tell you that. And I have heard the Voice many times. They do talk to people. I know Science likes to keep it medically-oriented, but I lecture in hospitals now. I teach healing to people, and I can tell you Science and Spirituality are going to merge. I’ve seen how far it’s come in the 33 years I’ve been into it.

The Share Guide: Yes, there’s now prayer in over 50 of the medical schools in the country, and they are taking diagnostic dreams more seriously too.

Betty: I agree. And dreams are very accurate. My book The Dream Book is an international best-seller.

The Share Guide: Right. I did have a couple of dream related questions for you. I’ve always felt that the best way to interpret dreams is to forget about specific analyzing and instead focus on how the dreams make you feel, and think about what they might be trying to teach you. What do you think of this approach?

Betty: Well, here’s what I explain in The Dream Book. Last night’s dreams cover yesterday and today. Tonight’s dreams cover today and tomorrow. They’re all symbolic. If you take them literally, you’re not going to think they mean anything. A car in a dream is always you. You always want to be at the wheel of a car and not in the back seat, not in the passenger seat, or you’re not in control of your life.

A house in a dream is always you. The bigger the building, the more potential you’ve got going. Each room is telling you something about yourself. In the kitchen, I’m working on myself. In the bathroom - shaving or showering - I’m cleaning up my act. Or it means I need to clean up my act. If you’re on the John, it’s saying, would you let go of your stuff! Water is always the emotion.

Anything flying, helicopter, UFO, airplane, is your creative energy. If the plane crashes then it’s saying, "Boy, you’ve just lost your energy." And you can see it because it’s covering where you are right now.

Everybody in the dream is you, unless the person has died, then you’re actually seeing that person. We’re going out of the body at night. We’re being taught and trained. In every dream you’re falling, it’s a bad landing, coming back in your Earth suit. If you jerk and you’re dozing off, it’s a bad takeoff. If you wake up in the middle night and you’re paralyzed and you can’t move, it’s because you’re not back in your Earth suit yet, you’re just starting to come through the crown of your head. Take yourself down, and then you can move. Think yourself out and ask for the highest teaching you can be granted. And they will give you a one-liner that is so powerful you will be able to bring it back and remember it.

A man in a dream is always talking about my strong, assertive part. A woman in a dream is always my creative part. A child is always my child part. If I dream my child is dying in real life then it means, guess what - I’ve forgotten to make time for my inner child.

This knowledge really turns your head around. You begin to see that we all have a guardian angel standing over our right shoulder throughout our lives. We have a minimum of three teachers who walk through life with us. God doesn’t trust you here alone. As we meditate and get our energy higher, we bring in more and more teachers. It’s just like first grade, second grade, third grade…your perception about what life is changes, the higher your energy goes. If you’re stuck in left brain thinking, you can’t see the hand in front of your face. If you bring in a right brain oriented person, they can look at the problem and find it just like that - because the right brain is the imagination, is the bridge to God.

The Share Guide: What about people who don’t remember their dreams?

Betty: They’re too tired. They’re sleeping too heavily. If they nap they can catch the dream. They should sit on the side of the bed and say, "I will have a dream. I will remember the dream. I will wake up and write the dream down." Your mind is a computer, it will do whatever you tell it. So if you say that three times, real assertively, you’ll find that every night you’re gonna remembering your dreams.

The best teaching dreams happen between 3:00--5:00 am, and the one just upon awakening. You must write it down the minute you wake up or you’re going to lose it. The dreams early in the night are just clearing house dreams - like clearing out the garbage in the dream of the day, seeing what you’ve let go of.

All dreams are positive, but a nightmare will scare you to death so you’ll remember it. Nice dreams go in one ear and out the other. We think, "Isn’t that lovely" and we don’t remember one thing. But if God terrifies us, we’re going to look at it.

The Share Guide: Are people who meditate able to remember their dreams more?

Betty: Sure. But the thing is - all forms of meditation open the five senses, bring in intuitive abilities, so there is no bad meditation. But if you meditate and you aren’t learning how to close down, you’re just going to open yourself to go up and down like a yo-yo, and set yourself up for panic attacks. We teach Meditation and Prayer which is Affirmation, Visualization. God knows what you want; you have to ask to get it. Otherwise God becomes your co-dependent. And of course God is Love in all religions. Whether people believe in God or not doesn’t matter.

The Share Guide: You know, some people, including myself and many of our readers, have been working on themselves for years, meditating and so forth. But we’re still searching for more guidance.

Betty: You’re intellectualizing on this…you get that Intellect fussing with your Intuition. Are you aware of that?

The Share Guide: Oh yes, I tend to be more intellectual, personally.

Betty: That’s what’s getting in your way. Try our technique of meditation. One of the easiest ways to meditate is make a 20 minute tape of your favorite songs by your favorite singer. (I love Celine Dion, or Barbara Streisand, heart singers.) Then you’re not going to mind sitting there for 20 minutes because you’re hearing your favorite songs. Usually ten minutes is 3 songs. Have your hands touching for the first 10 minutes, palms up for the second 10 minutes. Turn one palm up for a second and close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose. Then exhale through the nose, clear to the base of the spine. This time when you inhale, feel the electricity going in your fingertips. When you exhale, feel it out the fingertips into the energy field. Can you feel that?

The Share Guide: Yes.

Betty: That’s what you’re meditating for - the electrical energy. Every cell in your body is an individual atom held together by electro-magnetic energy. It brings the endorphines up, which stops you from having pain. It’s healing, changing every cell in the body, plus you’re awakening new brain cells. If you awaken new brain cells, you don’t need the others that are lost. Incidentally by meditating, you can create other physical changes. I’m 66, but I have bones 127.9% better than anyone my age. So it shows you that meditation does more, and my energy is better than 20 year olds. Nobody thinks I’m that age. They look at me and think, "Are you crazy? You can’t be!" So you begin to see there’s no such thing as age; it’s where our energy is that determines how old we are. When your energy is high, you see things very quickly and very easily. Your intuition gets stronger and stronger. By closing down at the end of the meditation, means you close your hands in a fist and feel a balloon of white light form around you. You could feel the electricity right?

The Share Guide: Yes.

Betty: Close your eyes for a second now. Feel your energy field. Now think of a time when you were depressed. Feel what it feels like. Now think of one of the happiest times in your life. Feel what it feels like. What happens when you’re depressed?

The Share Guide: You tend to slouch down and withdraw your energy.

Betty: You don’t even think of it; it’s just automatically happening. That energy comes pushing down heavily on you. When you think of the positive, it lightens right up. All we changed was our thoughts. So it’s people’s thoughts, words and actions that create their reality. This is all an illusion
We’re only here to learn to know ourselves. Everybody thinks they’re getting away with something - but it’s all going down in your guardian angel’s Book of Life for you, so that when you die you get to sit there and look at all of it and think, "Oh my God, we want to blame everybody else, but it’s always us." Everything is us. If you go with that assumption, that "I created it," then you’re going to be in good shape.

The Share Guide: Is the Book of Life the same thing that Edgar Cayce refers to as the Akashic Records?

Betty: Yes. Edgar Cayce’s Teachings are the same as mine. The White Brotherhood&endash;they just put much more through me. Cayce read the Bible, but then he tried to color it. But his stuff is right on if you can tangle through the symbology of it. The Bible is written the same way, but if you read it with the Dream Book, interpreting it, you’ll see it talks about the Book of Revelations; the Seven Seals are the Seven Chakras.

The Share Guide: That’s what Yogananda said also.

Betty: Yes. Yogananda is part of the White Brotherhood. It’s all so simple. Everybody’s trying to make it hard. Everybody wants to make money off of people. The only three tools anybody needs are free! They are: 20 minutes of meditation once a day, at least three hours of sleep&endash;the dreams start coming through then&endash;and then Affirmation and Visualization. Use your own mind; heal yourself. We’re all a mirror for other people to see themselves in. Anything anybody is criticizing us for has nothing to do with us. This way there’s no point in reacting or getting mad. Does that make sense? It changes your life.

The Share Guide: Do you work with affirmations and visualizations in your work?

Betty: Absolutely, yes. I have tapes on it, but I teach it at every single lecture. At the end I teach the meditation and then I lead them all on a guided visualization.

The Share Guide: And do you work with visual aids, like mandalas or meditating on candles or something like that?

Betty: No. My Guide says don’t get hung up on dependency on anything.

The Share Guide: Don’t concentrate on the visuals, then. So when people are listening to music on a tape, they are mostly doing this with their eyes closed?

Betty: Yes, their eyes should be closed while they’re meditating. What you’re trying to do is shut the mind up. The mind won’t turn off, it has to go to one point. If you listen to the words of a singer, you’re staying with the singer all the way through the 20 minutes. The mind is not there jumping around, thinking "I should be doing this, I could be doing that, I don’t want to sit here." All that stuff doesn’t enter your thoughts because you’re tricking your mind, because it loves the song. You can see this with puberty. The minute kids start coming into puberty, they’ll all reach for their Walkman’s or headphones or something. It keeps the feelings up. Kundalini comes up powerfully twice in our life: at 14 we call it puberty; at 49 we call it menopause. 49 is the greatest transitional time of our lives. It takes us out. It’s like we no longer have to take care of others; we can stop and take our gifts to that highest point.

The Share Guide: So you obviously believe that people influence their health with their thoughts?

Betty: Of course. Medicine is fine, they come around. 96% of all illnesses are caused by thoughts(?) We get sick in the chakra where we hold the stress in. Second chakra, you’ll set up prostrate trouble, colitis, or female problems. That’s usually due to people not using their sexual energy, trying to turn the sexual energy off. Third chakra is the solar plexus, which is everybody’s fear/worry center. If you’re reacting in your third or fourth chakra&endash;fourth is empathizing with everybody, third is fear or worry--you want to get up to the Third Eye. If you’re finding yourself reacting, take a slow deep breath through the nose and exhale through the nose and kick that energy right up to the Third Eye and say, "Wow! how did they just nail me?" And look and see what it is.

We’re only running 5 or 6 lessons on ourselves in this lifetime. That’s where we get in trouble doing the same dumb number over and over and over again. That’s why I want to stop and see what it is. Fear of abandonment is everybody’s number. But of course, you can’t be abandoned unless you abandon yourself, because your teachers are always standing there, loving you unconditionally. God loves you unconditionally. But if I don’t love myself, I’m going to block anybody else loving me. This is why Self-love, Self-Esteem is so important, because we really can’t love anyone else if we don’t love ourself.

The Share Guide: Thank you for that. I did an interview recently with Caroline Myss. I asked her about the connection between intuition and spirituality. . .

Betty: Same thing.

The Share Guide: You think it’s the same thing?

Betty: I know it is.

The Share Guide: She thinks that intuition is a survival skill that everybody has, but that spirituality is more of a chosen, optional thing.

Betty: Everybody has it, but most people don’t look at it. They just aren’t dialing into that frequency to look at it.

The Share Guide: So everyone has latent intuition and spirituality?

Betty: Everybody’s got it. Look at kids the first 7 years of their lives. They can psyche you right out. They’re going strictly by the right brain, which is the God’s eye, the intuition, the imagination. Around second grade or age 7 they start developing the use of reading, writing and arithmetic, the left brain, and that’s where we start losing the right brain. A lot of people are creative, so they stay with it through different creative talents that they enjoy, but a lot of them lose it right there at age 7. Ages 14-21 is all physical growth, and 21-28 is all emotional growth. 21-28 are the hardest 7 years, but 14-21 is no picnic.

The Share Guide: To finish the last question, do you see intuition and psychic abilities as being the same thing?

Betty: Yes. Of course, you have to understand that psychic ability is child’s play. I wouldn’t waste 5 minutes on the psychic stuff. I had to walk through it because I had to understand, it but I hated every minute of it. Psychic things don’t make you a better person. You’re here to be a better person. Most people get stuck in doing the readings, and turn their gifts off and ruin themselves. I’m here to get off the Earth plane, and I want to be the best me that I possibly can be. Meditation is what helps me. That’s the spiritual journey. You never stop growing. I’m a mystic…You want to keep going to the mystical.

The Share Guide: So there’s a difference between mystic and psychic?

Betty: Oh absolutely. A mystic takes self-responsibility for all their thought, words and actions. A Mystic works hand in hand with God in order to change their lives, to rid themselves of all fear, to help their fellow man in a much higher way.

The Share Guide: And a psychic?

Betty: Everybody’s psychic. They’re channels are only as good as the person behind it, that they have coming through them. Everybody can get their own answers. Why should you pay somebody else for it?

The Share Guide: Can we all channel?

Betty: Of course we can. There’s a saying when the student is ready, the master will come. They watch your energy field. By meditating you are constantly increasing the energy field. Teachers will lower their energy only to a certain point; you must earn them. You want to keep going from second grade teachings to third grade to fourth to fifth. I’ve been in it for 33 years, and I can never know it all. And I’ll tell you, I know more than probably 99% of people out there. You should take what feels right from me or any other teacher. Your gut will tell you what’s right.

The Share Guide: If a person wants to channel, is it the same preparation as meditation?

Betty: Right, you can’t do it without preparation. You’re not going to get very high energy. Your accuracy won’t be good. We’re just a pipe they channel through.

The Share Guide: You are definitely in agreement with Wayne Dyer, who said the very most important thing of all is daily meditation. He has a cassette tape for a 20-30 minute period which he thinks is essential, especially in today’s crazy society.

Betty: Yes, it takes at least 20 minutes to recharge your battery. That’s all you’re doing, plugging into an electrical socket. It takes 10 minutes to bring it up from the base of the spine to the Third Eye. Then it takes another 10. You turn your palms up at the end of 10 minutes, sitting in front of God, getting this electrical charge. At the end of 20 minutes, boy are you high! The more we meditate, the more we can see what we need to change about ourselves. Change what you don’t want, keep what you do, and don’t worry at all what anybody else says.

Note: Betty Bethards has passed into the next life, but we are honored we had a chance to speak with her.


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