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Life on the Other Side

How Wisdom from "Beyond the Veil"
Can Help You Right Now

by Sylvia Browne

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The Other Side is and always has been our true world and home. It has the exact topography of our planet with all the beauty humankind has created. All seven wonders of the world are preserved on the Other Side. The streams run free of pollution. The animals run tame and free from harm. Everyone lives in harmony and peace.

On the Other Side, we are with all of our loved ones from this life and all the rest of the lives we've lived, rather than having to die and leave our home. Yes, you read it right. That's the true death--leaving your home and loved ones, your peace, and your connection with the presence of God to come down here to learn. When we die here, it's really a birth--to be born back into our blessed family and all that we love and are homesick for.

I've tried to describe the Other Side in previous books, but in all honesty it would be difficult for anyone to give it an adequate depiction--especially because there's no evil or negativity of any kind there. Just imagine: not only do the "big things" such as war, killing, torture, crime, and other atrocities not exist, but neither do anger, jealousy, greed, abuse, aggravation, laziness, pain, poor health, and so on.

Of course, our finite minds, which are used to this planet's continual negativity, find it impossible that any such place could or does exist. We think, Now wait a minute--it's hard enough for two people to get along peaceably, let alone the billions who are on the Other Side. Others might take a different tack and wonder, If we're all so goody-goody to each other, where is the passion and emotion? Do we just become zombies who walk around smiling and offering platitudes to one another all the time? While these are legitimate and logical viewpoints, they're based on our cynical and jaundiced earthly outlooks.

When we're Home, we utilize our minds at full capacity--we have all available knowledge at our disposal, and that knowledge (along with God) makes it a paradise. It also doesn't hurt that we are encased in perfect bodies that don't need food, drink, or rest. We're in a magnificently beautiful physical environment that's never marred by aggravations such as vermin or unpleasant weather. We can live in any domicile we choose and adjust it to our specifications in an instant just by thinking.

Lakes, rivers, forests, waterfalls, mountains, oceans, and houses in every architectural style imaginable abound on the Other Side. Just like on Earth, people have a place that they call home, which they can design and decorate to their hearts' content. Some prefer city living and dwell in spaces that are like apartments or townhouses, while others reside where there's plenty of land and privacy.

Since materialism and social status are never needed on the Other Side, most homes tend to be practical yet comfortable. You won't see any hovels or huge mansions, as all who live in this paradise are happy and can have everything they need. It's hard to explain that human desires just don't manifest like they do on our "hell" of a planet.

There's simply no need for money or material things. While we can have them if we want, there's no value to them other than as decorative items for our homes or bodies. As we can instantly think ourselves to any place we want to go, vehicles are unnecessary. There's no need to eat or drink, and there is certainly no type of illness. And because we can have anything we desire, there's no crime or violence of any kind.

We live and work together in complete harmony and teamwork in a totally peaceful and loving environment; consequently, our minds are so opened up to the truth about God that there's no need for politics or power. We're all certainly living our faith, thanks to God's overwhelming presence and love, so there's no organized religion. We enjoy recreation and the arts, wilderness and natural beauty, and good people all around whom we can interact with socially. In other words, everything we could ever conceivably want or need is at our fingertips, so negative human traits never come into play.

Since we do keep our individual personalities that have developed over our entire existence, we're not all zombies with one-track minds. If we do happen to disagree with another soul (which is a rarity), our spirituality immediately makes us understand both viewpoints, so disagreements fade off into nothingness instantaneously. Our spiritual mind, which operates at full capacity, has the capability to understand almost everything instantly and recognizes the complete and full truth that exists in creation.

If we don't care for a particular type of personality, then we probably won't run in the same social circles. We'd also know in our spiritual mind that regardless of that individual's personality, he or she is a good person, so we could (and would) interact with him or her without any problems. The Other Side is not illogical, so we do tend to revolve around people whose dispositions, beliefs, interests, and so forth are more in line with ours.

We all play and work hard on the Other Side because we have a passion for whatever we're doing. We are truly free to pursue any endeavor we wish, for we're not forced or pressured in any way to do something that we have no desire for. It's up to each individual to choose to do what he or she truly loves…and everyone at Home is doing just that!

Excerpted with permission from Temples on the Other Side, by Sylvia Browne, published by Hay House (January 2008) and available at all bookstores or online at www.hayhouse.com.

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