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The Truth About Coconut Oil

Despite what you may have heard, coconut oil is a very healthy addition to your diet

by Bruce Fife


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Like everyone else, I used to believe that coconut oil was an artery clogging saturated fat. Then several years ago I was in a meeting with a group of nutritionists and one of the members of the group stated that coconut oil was one of the good fats, that it didn’t cause heart disease, and that it had many health benefits. This went against everything I’d heard in the past. This nutritionist, however, backed up her statement and referred to studies that showed that coconut oil had many important nutritional and medical uses. Was coconut oil the evil villain or not? I had to find the answer.
    I began looking and it soon became obvious to me that none of the doctors and nutritionists who were claiming that coconut oil was bad really knew anything about it. All they were doing was repeating what someone else had said, who in turn, repeated someone else, and on and on.
    I realized that if I was going to find the truth I needed to go to the research. And that’s what I did. I started digging though the medical literature and looked up everything related to coconut oil. When I did this, I found hundreds of articles. And what I learned shocked me! I discovered that coconut oil had many important nutritional and medical applications. I also learned that there was no truth in the belief that coconut oil causes or even contributes to heart disease. In fact, I learned that if you want to protect yourself from heart disease you should be using coconut oil.
    I began using coconut oil myself and recommending it to others. I’ve seen it help people with hemorrhoids, cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, gallbladder disease, bladder infections, flu, and many other health problems. I now have the opportunity of seeing how coconut oil affects people in a clinical setting. I see people all the time who use coconut oil and witness how it affects their lives. Some have experienced incredible improvement from a wide variety of health problems.
    One of the interesting things about coconut oil is that it helps improve nutrient absorption. It improves absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium and thus aids in preventing osteoporosis. Also, it increases absorption of some of the B vitamins, the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K, beta-carotene) and some amino acids. Because it is easily digested, provides a quick and easy source of nutrition, and improves absorption of other nutrients, coconut oil has been recommended in the treatment of malnutrition.
    Coconut oil seems to benefit a wide variety of skin conditions. It can help speed healing of cuts and burns, and it’s also great for fungal infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot.
    Research has shown coconut oil can be useful in the treatment and prevention of obesity. Studies show it may also be helpful in preventing liver disease, kidney disease, Crohn’s disease, cancer and many infectious illnesses such as the flu, herpes, bladder infections, and candida, to mention just a few. Studies are now being done to test its effectiveness against serious illness.    
    The reason people think coconut oil is unhealthy has nothing to do with science, but has everything to do with marketing and money. Back it the 1980s, people were concerned that saturated fats could raise cholesterol levels. The soybean industry realized this was a perfect opportunity to make a profit: if they could convince people that all saturated fats were bad and caused heart disease, people would eat more vegetable oil.
    So the soybean industry spent millions in an anti-saturated fat and anti-tropical oils publicity campaign. Special interest groups joined in and because of the media blitz it didn’t take long before everyone believed coconut oil was an artery clogging fat.
    People are still duped by the soybean industry’s attack on coconut oil. Many authors, too lazy to do their own research, still parrot the biased viewpoints produced by these groups. I’m trying to change this by providing accurate information so that people can know the truth.

Reprinted with permission from the Coconut Research Center. For more information visit  www.coconutresearchcenter.org

The Share Guide recommends the Certified Organic Coconut Oil from South Pacific Trading Company. Available in stores or visit www.nonipacific.com


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