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Sustainable Community Development Through Travel

from Planeterra

Planeterra seeks to get at the root of the challenges local communities face by supporting community based businesses and local NGOs working in the iconic destinations its partners serve.

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Many of us love to travel and learn about third-world indigenous cultures.  Wouldn't it be great if at the same time we could empower the local people to develop their communities, conserve cultures, and create a humane and supportive system for their endeavors?
Planeterra is a non-profit organization that supports a steady cycle of giving and investment in the social and environmental needs of the people and places travelers visit worldwide. Planeterra reaches out to these travelers to give funds for investment in sustainable development. Specific funds are being established to help travelers invest in ways that route funds to the areas of greatest need.
Planeterra has a history of raising funds for the needs of local people in the destinations where Gap Adventures and its industry partners send travelers.  Since 2007, Planeterra facilitated the development of "Voluntours" internationally, by developing projects where travelers share their time and skills with local people and their projects in various destinations throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Planeterra seeks to get at the root of the challenges local communities face by supporting community based businesses and local NGOs working in the iconic destinations its partners serve.  These funds will create opportunities to invest or donate in:

* Local and Indigenous Businesses
Funding for businesses which have financial needs greater than micro-enterprise. They are able to build and grow with investment thanks to the the steady stream of revenues that come from the travel economy in their region.

* Basic Human Services
Services required for local people to build upon a safe and clean foundation for their families.

* Conservation of Ecosystems

Conservation and support of necessary environmental management programs to protect the environment in destinations where travel impacts are growing.

* Emergency Funds
Funding for the protection of local people when faced with floods and other natural and climate related disasters in destinations we serve.

Planeterra's range of projects throughout the world encompasses health programs, micro-enterprise development, social programs, education initiatives, environmental conservation, and community infrastructure improvements. Examples include:
* Polar Bear Research in the Arctic
* Saving the Albatross in Antarctica
* New Delhi Streetkids Project
* Kenya Community Tourism Project
* New Hope Cambodia Outreach Center
* Guatemala Scholarship Fund
* Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica
* Brazil Community Reforestation Project


Reprinted from www.planeterra.org

All Planeterra projects have the central goal of achieving sustainable solutions to local development issues. Planeterra offers various ways for you to get involved and contribute to their worldwide projects. You can donate money personally, organize a fundraising event, or you can join their Dollar-A-Day Program, which provides travellers with the opportunity to donate one dollar per day for the duration of their trip with 100% of the proceeds going directly to support Planeterra projects. Learn more at www.planeterra.org 


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