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The new Leaping Bunny Program is trying to get the word out to consumers: "Make a resolution to Go Cruelty-Free in 2009."

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The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics' (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program is urging consumers to make a difference for animals by pledging to go cruelty-free. With more than 200 cosmetic, personal care, and household product companies already committed to end all new animal testing of products and ingredients, it is easier than ever to find a wide range of quality, cruelty-free products.
Hundreds of thousands of animals--including rabbits, mice, and rats--suffer in unnecessary experiments to test products like lipstick, lotion, and detergent. CCIC, a coalition of national and international animal protection organizations, is working to encourage more companies to sign on to The Leaping Bunny Program and help put an end to inhumane animal product testing. Companies certified by the CCIC are listed in the Compassionate Shopping Guide or bear the internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo. (See this list at www.LeapingBunny.org)
CCIC notes that the program's success has been a vital part of efforts to end all product testing. It is the only truly cruelty-free certification program. Unlike all other cruelty-free lists, the CCIC's list requires that both the finished products and the ingredients (where most animal use would occur) are free of new animal testing. Consumers who purchase products from Leaping Bunny-approved companies can be certain that they are making compassionate shopping choices and helping animals at the same time.
"We are truly proud of the companies that have made a cruelty-free commitment by joining the Leaping Bunny Program," said Tracie Letterman, chair of CCIC. "However, there are still more companies that need to go cruelty-free. By signing the Leaping Bunny Pledge, consumers will help us to finally put an end to the unnecessary use of animals for product testing."
To encourage more companies to sign on to the Leaping Bunny Program, CCIC has launched a nation-wide pledge campaign to urge consumers to take the leap to cruelty-free products. By signing the pledge you will help to make our collective voices even stronger and drive more companies to go cruelty-free, saving animals from cruel and unnecessary testing.
The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics was founded in 1996 in an effort to create a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny logo for cosmetic, personal care, and household products that are free from new animal testing.
CCIC is made up of the following organizations: American Anti-Vivisection Society; American Humane Association; Beauty Without Cruelty, USA; Doris Day Animal League; The Humane Society of the United States; and the New England Anti-Vivisection Society. CCIC's international partners are Animal Alliance of Canada and European Coalition to End Animal Experiments.

Read labels: only purchase products that clearly state they have not been tested on animals--and preferably show the Leaping Bunny logo.
You don't have to give up anything; there are plenty of products available to replace those that do not live up to a cruelty-free standard. Please consider signing this pledge online at www.LeapingBunny.org.

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