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The Fast Lane to Vitality

by Jon Cotton

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The single most important and vital action we can take to promote healing and restore health is to undertake the process of detoxification. This is the healing system devised and prescribed by Nature. Most Naturopathic doctors and natural healers who truly understand the cause of health and disease will tell you that toxins are the underlying cause of all cellular breakdown and disease in the body. The cells become polluted from environmental poisons such as pesticides, chemical additives in our food, drugs, denatured processed "food" and undigested stored wastes from foods not well suited for the human digestive system.

You need to eat primarily foods that contain live enzymes, life force, and nutrients. Foods that lack these elements form acids, causing toxins and mucous, especially congesting the intestinal tract. Over time, if you keep eating an acid diet, this congestion builds up, layer after layer, until you form a hardened layer of plaque. This substance is known as "mucoid fecal plaque" and is believed to contribute towards more than 90% of the obstacles to optimal health. This is similar to the concept of plaque on your teeth except you get it over your entire digestive tract.

The symptoms of the common cold, flu, or other diseases are usually the body trying to cleanse out old waste on its own. The body tries to purge this waste periodically, but after time, the sludge builds up to such a degree that cells begin to drown in their own waste. This may be the problem causing your other problems.

Additionally, the blood stream is fed through the colon, so when the digestive tract gets overloaded with wastes or toxins, they get picked up by the blood and spread throughout the body. Wherever the weak areas are, those cells and tissues break down and we label that "disease." Or, if it's not a specific area, then the body just weakens and becomes more susceptible to breakdowns. But disease is not a thing. It is a process…a process of the body becoming more and more toxic. And like any process, it can be reversed--relatively easily and quickly.

Traditionally, we treat the symptoms of illness and think we have cured the problem when the symptoms stop. We haven't. The cause of disease is still there, as we become all too aware when the symptoms re-surface with increasing frequency and intensity.

The simplest, quickest, most direct way to improve your health and energy and stabilize your weight is to do an herbal intestinal cleansing program. This is how you begin to accomplish the steps to vibrant health and vitality.

When you want to build a strong house, you don't start by paving over the swamp and then building the house.  First, you drain the swamp. In the body, this means cleansing the digestive tract while you detoxify the body.

Before you start to detox you must know how to choose the best cleanse program. I've examined and tried hundreds of cleansing supplements and programs and most of them don't work very well--or they are so subtle that you may as well be saving your money.

Let me save you a lot of time, money and disappointment. Every day I see another cleanse program on the market or someone asks me about a detox product. Unfortunately, big business is now seeing the alternative health industry as another potential mass market. But they approach it with a fast pace, fast food, fast pill mentality, catering to where we've been programmed to avoid responsibility and time investment for our own health. Opting instead for the quick fix--the pill, treatment, or operation to make the symptoms go away--so we don't have to think about or deal with the cause (until later). It is very rare that a single magic pill makes you healthy. It is a process--just like disease is a process, which can be reversed. There are a lot of choices that combine into a large result.

You should not compromise where your health is concerned. When you're dealing with your body you want to take the time to do it right. Why keep those poisonous toxins in the body another day? The price is too high. They may be damaging you whether you feel it or not. Our bodies are being steadily weakened by these toxins we allow to remain inside us. You can change this.

Crucial Components of Cleansing Programs
When choosing which cleansing program to purchase, please keep these four important factors in mind:

1) Effectiveness & Quality - The power of whole food and herbal combinations are simply unequaled in terms of their ability to eliminate toxins and intestinal plaque from the body in large quantities. Before taking nutritional supplements, it's crucial to select ones with high quality ingredients. Most supplements today are made with very low-grade ingredients (often in a laboratory) and are essentially pharmaceutical products devoid of life energy. Even those with whole food ingredients are often not organic, chemical-free or high potency or quality. So take the time to read labels carefully. Also, you should choose a program that cleanses not just your colon, but your entire digestive tract.

2) Alkalinity - Most people today are over-acid, including most vegetarians, but especially those with a standard American diet or whose health is challenged. It is crucial before doing any heavy cleansing or fasting that you build up your electrolyte reserve and alkalize the body. The electrolyte minerals perform extensive tasks in the body, including buffering the acidity from acid forming foods, toxins, and stress. When the electrolyte reserve is depleted, the body will steal electrolytes (such as calcium, sodium, and potassium) from whatever organ or part of the body they can be found. This will weaken those systems or areas. Even a few hours of stress can use up electrolytes. Cleansing and fasting release toxins and can be stressful. That's why people often feel wiped out at the end of a fast.

A good program uses both concentrated whole food supplements and changes in diet to help your body become more alkaline and build up the necessary reserve of electrolytes for safe, easy cleansing and daily optimal health.

3) Safety/Speed - Many programs have you cleansing too fast. This can cause extreme discomfort and cleansing reactions, putting too much stress on the liver and kidneys that process the toxins. (This also can happen when you jump right into a fast without cleansing first.) You should cleanse gradually, while alkalizing your body. This way you release many toxins and plaque in advance of the deeper cleanse phases, while strengthening your body and intestinal system at the same time. The program I recommend is designed to avoid cleanse reactions by providing superior herbs and superfoods to support the liver and all body systems.

4) Proper Design - Many cleansing programs I've seen combine herbs, bacteria, psyllium, and bentonite into one product that they sell cheaply. The problem is they are mis-designed. For example, bentonite shakes should be done at separate times of the day than herbs or they will counteract the effectiveness of the herbs. Choose a program that is carefully designed for maximum ease, safety, and effectiveness by separating the items for use at different times of day and avoiding psyllium, which can be irritating.

There are hundreds of cleansing programs out there. Most are poorly designed and ineffective--they are mainly laxatives that make you think something is happening. Programs range from $50 for a very simple one (which to be honest doesn't do a lot of good) up to $200-$400 for very sophisticated programs, which are extremely carefully designed. My recommendation is to choose the higher end program because when it comes to your health, the extra money is worth the investment in the long-run.

Nobel Prize winner, Alexis Carrel stated emphatically, "The cell is immortal." He found that it does not deteriorate or grow old if the elimination of wastes and proper nutrients are maintained. Think about what that means: it's within your grasp to stop and even reverse the aging process. You really can live a long, healthy, prosperous life!

Jon Cotton is the founder of Total Health Secrets, based in Emeryville, CA. He has studied health, nutrition and creating maximum vitality for over 15 years and consulted with thousands of clients in every aspect of health. Jon integrates an energetic understanding of the body from many years as a teacher of meditation and intuition. The entire Total Health Secrets cleansing product line has been created for the enthusiast who is seriously interested in improving his/her level of health and well-being. For a free information packet call (510) 653-5050 or visit www.totalhealthsecrets.com.

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