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The Alliance for Climate Protection

Al Gore's New Campaign
to Solve the Climate Crisis

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Last month The Alliance for Climate Protection based in Palo Alto, CA launched a multi-year, multi-faceted campaign designed to engage the American public and ignite a movement to address one of the most important issues facing civilization: Solving the climate crisis.

Unprecedented in scale for a public policy issue, the Alliance's "We" Campaign draws from the best practices of  successful commercial, social marketing, and political campaigns. The Alliance's campaign combines advertising, online organizing via its website (www.wecansolveit.org) and partnerships with a diverse and growing group of grassroots organizations to educate the American public on the urgent need to solve the climate crisis and activate them to demand real solutions from elected officials.

The international scientific community agrees that we may have only a short time to act in order to ensure that the next generation will inherit a healthy planet. By broadly shifting public opinion to move past a tipping point, the Alliance's We Campaign will help embolden leaders in both major political parties and all sectors of civil society to offer genuinely effective policies, programs, and laws that will sharply reduce emissions of CO2, methane and  other greenhouse gas pollutants.

"We can solve the climate crisis, but it will require a major shift in public opinion and engagement," said former Vice President and Alliance Chairman Al Gore. "The technologies exist, but our elected leaders don't yet have the political will to take the bold actions required. When politicians hear the American people calling loud and clear for change, they'll listen."

The Alliance's three year, commercial-scale campaign will fund an aggressive and innovative online activation and mobilization program supported by nationwide television, print, radio and online advertising all geared towards engaging 10 million supporters to drive policy change. To date, the Alliance has already enlisted more than one million activists towards that goal.

"There is no problem that can't be solved when Americans unite behind a shared commitment," said Alliance CEO Cathy Zoi. "Solving the climate crisis is a moral question that transcends who we vote for, which house we  worship in or who signs our paychecks. It is past time for us to come together on this issue."

The Alliance will also reach an unprecedented number of Americans across the political, ideological and socio-economic spectrum through a series of partnerships with groups such as the Girl Scouts, the United Steelworkers Union, and the National Audubon Society, among many others. The Alliance will support the organizations' efforts to educate their members about playing an active role in solving the climate crisis. Noting the Alliance's goal of supplementing and supporting the numerous and effective ongoing efforts to fight climate change across the country, Larry Schweiger, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation and Alliance Board Member said, "The Alliance's campaign couldn't come at a better time. Catalyzing public opinion on the need to solve the climate crisis will greatly benefit the myriad local and national efforts already underway to reach real solutions."

Alliance Board Member and former Republican Congressman Sherwood Boehlert highlighted the non-partisan nature of the effort. "The We Campaign is a way to overcome the partisanship that has plagued efforts to confront the immensely important issue of climate change for too long. It doesn't matter who you are--the We campaign will enable individuals, some of whom have never considered the effects of climate change, to make a positive impact."  Highlighting the historic nature of this challenge, Gore said, "It is a privilege to be alive at a moment when we  are called upon to join a movement greater than ourselves. We have found this generation's opportunity to be  great. Together we can do for future generations what our parents and grandparents did for us: confront the defining challenge of our time, and find the solutions together."

To learn more visit www.wecansolveit.org.

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