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Biological Dentistry

Treating the mouth as part of the whole body

by Andrew Landerman, DDS

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With the advent of bio-chemistry and the intrigue of the microscope, modern medicine embarked on a journey of studying viruses and bacteria. Specialties have arisen to the extent that the branches no longer relate to the trunk. In the case of dentistry, it has become so specialized, it is now an isolated specialty in healthcare. Though dentists, like doctors, train in the physiology of the whole body, they no longer practice with the idea that the mouth is an integral part of the whole body. In fact, the mouth is one of the primary gateways to the body, and any interference with the oral cavity can result in serious consequences in other parts of the body--sometimes with chronic effects.
Biological Dentistry acknowledges this connection. It takes holistic dentistry to yet another level. It is time to return to viewing the body in totality, and address the effect of all dental work on the nervous system and the structural and chemical aspects of the physical body. Biological Dentistry is the art or science performed by a practitioner in or about the oral cavity, such that the person performing the service understands the outcome. The service may include dental materials, manipulations, bite alterations, jaw alterations, osteoectomies (cavitations), and tracking chronic effects in the body that stem from focal problems in the mouth.
All of these actions, singularly or collectively, can influence the nervous system and the energetic pathways. These constitute the "biological" aspect of dentistry. Any material placed within the sphere of influence of the body will have its energetic/vibrational effect.
Within the oral cavity pass all the meridians defined by the Chinese. Therefore, this four square centimeters of area contains all of the essential energetic pathways of the entire body, as well as major connections to the nervous system. The important fact is to realize the enormity of influence of whatever one does while performing any task within this small area of the body. In fact, the oral cavity receives some of the most intrusive treatments in the human body!
We are no longer able to place a simple filling and accept no responsibility for the future health and welfare of the patient. For instance, if we alter the bite, we can and will influence the nervous system to such a degree that the patient can lose co-ordination, motor function, as well as energetic co-ordination, where they lack vitality to function optimally.
Any change in the structural aspect of the body will have an influence as well. These influences may not be perceived immediately, but collectively over time they will be realized. As practitioners, Biological Dentists have the responsibility to be aware of these influences and to quantitatively and qualitatively be able to measure their influence on the body.
When we change the position of the jaw by changing the bite, the effect on that person may be profound--either affecting them positively or negatively, causing debilitating headaches or the cessation of headaches. Patients may have an inability to think clearly, or improved mental clarity. Pain and dysfunction can manifest in any part of the body--backaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. This may happen instantly or over time. We need a mechanism to measure the influence of the dental work in order to understand the outcome of our work.
Dental work with the use of materials foreign to the body can generate chemical changes that affect the energetic system of the body. These effects can be seen as allergies or chemical reactions in the body and can appear shortly after placement of the materials or long afterwards. They can also set up hormonal disturbances which can negatively or positively affect the functioning of any or all organ systems.
However, we must realize the desired effect of any action on the body is neutrality. A positive effect can over-stimulate, wearing out the body's immune function with hyperactivity. A negative effect can depress the proper functioning of any related organ system and create hypo-activity within the system, throwing off the overall synchronicity of the various systems in the body.
If we step back and look at the whole dental dilemma we see a lifetime of action in the mouth by dentists that can collectively lead to significant amounts of pathology throughout the body--each tooth having its influence on a different meridian. Given a factor of time, said meridians will have their individual effects on the different organ systems of the body, giving a hodge-podge of symptoms that make no sense to any practitioner because they are not relating these to the dental work in the oral cavity. These symptoms can develop into chronic conditions.
One tooth will have its influence on the large intestine and the lung, another breasts and pancreas and stomach, still another on the thyroid, and others may have it on the kidneys and reproductive system. Singly or in combination, a tooth may present pain/symptoms with the lower back, the abdomen, the breast, a knee etc. The tooth/teeth themselves may never show signs or pathology giving no clues as to the dental origin.
Only a trained biological dentist will have any clue as to the source of the problem. The tooth will only show symptoms if it has an abscess or an infection. However, a tooth may have been treated endodontically (root-canal) and the meridian that tooth relates to therefore becomes off-line, meaning energetically dysfunctional. Weston Price, DDS did seminal work in the early 1900's that showed the deleterious effects of root canals which were recorded in George Meinig's work The Root Canal Cover Up. (Meinig, coincidently, was an endodontist.)
The meridian or energetic pathway the tooth is related to ceases to perform its function. For example, if we are talking about an upper first molar, this would relate to the breast, the thyroid, the stomach and the spleen or pancreas. Any of these organs can become symptomatic without the tooth entering into the picture. Same can be said for any of the teeth and the rest of the mouth. Without the tooth showing any other symptoms or pathology (i.e. pain), to say nothing of the possibility of existence of noxious chemicals or filling materials in the teeth.
The normalizing effects can be seen if we recognize the negative or the positive changes from dental work and bring them back to neutral to avoid either hyper or hypo effects within the organ system functions. In other words, if there are two dissimilar metals in the mouth, it will create an aberrant current in the mouth. This may excite one whole side of the body and give no hint as to the source of the problem. The solution is to remove the dissimilar metal, thereby eliminating the source of the current and the symptoms disappear almost instantly. This includes symptoms such as joint pains, muscle aches and pains or stiffness, as well as a variety of organ dysfunctions.
There are several methods by which materials are tested, including: Blood tests; Kinesiology; Electro Dermal Screening (EDS); Omura (O-ring testing). We make choices based on the results of these tests. If testing gives values any side of neutral, we need to find a better material.
I tend to favor Electro Dermal Screening, as I have practiced this for 35 years and feel the results are competent. There are many more advocates of kinesiology than EDS, and I have no argument with them. In the final analysis it comes down to the individual practitioner and the final results they achieve.
Blood testing is a popular modality. The patient gives a blood sample to the lab, where it is challenged by a multitude of materials for bio-compatibility. In my opinion, it is neither a fully accurate nor cost-effective procedure because the body is not equipped to make a major decision on a single one-time exposure. When challenged with a material that it has no prior knowledge of, it cannot make a decision that will pass the test of time. With a challenge of a new material, you must wait at least two weeks to know if the answers are correct. Unfortunately, I have seen many cases where a treatment plan was performed and several thousands of dollars were spent on materials the patient ended up having long-term reactions to, whereas if the patient were tested a second time, two weeks after the initial introduction of a material, it would have been readily apparent that the first opinion the body gave was not a "yes" but a "maybe." This is because the material needs time to penetrate the deeper tissues of the body (beyond the blood) and it is then that one sees the longer term effects of the materials.
In conclusion, I have continually been impressed with the changes brought about when we identify offending qualities emanating from the mouth. We change that status to neutral and invariably--if not immediately, within a short period of time--we see permanent reversals of the patient's chief complaints.
In years past I have seen multiple cases of M.S. have partial to complete reversal by removal of mercury fillings, especially when the M.S. is in the early stages. I have also seen people with poor memory and nervous system disorders have reversals.
In the 1840s, amalgam was introduced as a filling material (what we call silver-fillings) without consideration for its safety. In the new millennium, we know better. We need to take advantage of what technology and science has to offer and use these modalities to make better choices on how to treat the mouth.

Andrew Landerman DDS is one of the first certified Biological Dentists in the country and has been practicing and teaching it for 35 years. He is the founder of Biological Dental Center in Sebastopol. Learn more at www.DrLanderman.com

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