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Dreams and Meditation:
Your Freeway to Enlightenment

by Betty Bethards

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Dreams are your greatest free tools for insight and self-understanding. Throughout mankind's history, dreams have been an important source of guidance, inspiration, prophecy, prediction and problem solving. In every culture, we find some version of "sleeping on a problem" before making a decision. What is this wonderful dimension that is so near and yet so far from our reach?

First we need to realize that we are spending 10 days out of every month in the dream state. That's a third of your life that you're missing if you're not working with your dreams. We all leave the body every night of our life to go out and be taught and trained. We are given valuable lessons and insights into our daily life by our higher self and team of teachers, whose sole purpose is to help guide us in our self-growth here on the earth plane. Our dreams give us positive messages about our life direction and show us what needs to be changed in order to create rich and fulfilling lives.

Besides receiving important information about our daily activities, dreams can also be a tremendous source of inspiration for art, music, writing and other creative endeavors. You can learn to program yourself to have a dream about a specific problem or project by sitting on the side of the bed before going to sleep and saying:

1) I will have a dream about (the problem) tonight.
2) I will remember the dream.
3) I will wake up and write the dream down.

The mind is a very powerful tool like a computer. Whatever you program into it, is what you receive. Be sure and keep a pad of paper and a pen by your bedside. Write the dream down immediately after you have it or talk it into a tape recorder. If you wait until morning, you are more likely to forget the dream.

Your best dreams (or what I call "teaching" dreams) occur between 3:00 and 5:00 am, or happen just before awakening. The dreams that occur when you first go to bed are usually Just clearing out the day's mental clutter and can be affected by what you ate, read or just watched on television.

Common Types of Dreams
Nothing is off limits in the dream state. We are open to experiencing all levels of self: all fears, frustrations, suppressed images, visionary insights and unknown territory. We will become more comfortable with all dream images when we learn to welcome them (whatever they are) as symbolic messengers of self.

Often times you will be given a nightmare to call your attention to a problem. Where pleasant dreams may be forgotten easily, a nightmare can scare you into remembering the dream. Nightmares show us our fears that have been blown way out of proportion, or something that is affecting us negatively.

Disaster Dreams
Whether an earthquake, flood, fire or tidal wave, a disaster indicates a sudden change in some area of your life. A flood means an emotional upheaval and an earthquake means a big rearrangement in your affairs. Disaster dreams usually indicate turning points or opportunities to take advantage of a new direction.

Sexual Dreams
When making love in a dream, this represents a merger of your own masculine and feminine energies. We are all working to balance the male and female polarities within our being. The feminine energy is our sensitive, intuitive, creative side while the masculine is our strong, assertive side. Sex in a dream can also mean that you are integrating the qualities you associate with that person within your being.

Flying Dreams
Flying dreams are great fun and usually mean you are consciously out of the body. You are free to explore anywhere you like. If you are flying around and start to lose altitude, it simply suggests that you have a fear of exploring higher dimensions and breaking out of limits.

Direction Dreams
The direction in which you are traveling indicates whether you are on the right track in your life situation now. If you are going up in a dream (up a mountain, up a road, ladder, staircase, elevator, etc.) you are going in the right direction. If you are going up and down, such as on a roller-coaster, it means your energy is scattered and needs to get centered.

Dream Symbols
Our dreams are all in symbols and once you understand the positive meaning behind the symbols, you will find that they are easy to work with and interpret. A good place to begin is to realize that everyone and everything in the dream represents a part of you. You are the producer, writer, actor and director of your life story.

Male and female figures represent your own masculine and feminine energies. A child represents your child part; an aged person an old part of self (either one that is wise or a part that is dying because you have outgrown it). The colors, numbers, animals, scenery, clothes and letters are also significant.

After a routine of regular practice interpreting the symbols, your new skill becomes a natural, flowing easy part of your life. I tested the symbols in The Dream Book: Symbols for Self-Understanding with audiences for 15 years, and they have been hitting right on with people throughout the world.

Meditation and Self-Growth
Meditation is the key tool I teach in helping people to center their energy and to get a recall on their dreams. Meditation helps us to develop a growing sense of serenity and self-awareness. By sitting in the silence for 20 minutes a day, you achieve a deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit. You begin to see how you set up your life experiences and the lessons of each situation.

All forms of meditation are good, but in our high speed society, it's important to protect our energy by closing down at the end. I have given out this mediation technique throughout the world for the last 25 years.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to meditate is to listen to your favorite songs and music for the full 20 minutes. While sitting with your spine erect, you’re aligning your energy to the God force. This 20 minute period, however, is not our only meditation practice. We endeavor to practice the meditation attitude in watching our thoughts and behavior throughout the day, and working with our dreams at night. You will begin to see how your thoughts, words and actions set up your reality and life experiences. You will also discover the many gifts, talents and abilities within you as you explore the inner self. You can learn to create a reality that works for you!

For over 25 years, Betty and her Inner Light Foundation have helped millions of people through her TV, radio and monthly lecture appearances, weekly classes and personal readings--with great insight and humor. Betty is the author of The Dream Book: Symbols for Self-Understanding. Visit her web site at

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