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Health Benefits of
Green Foods

Green foods can support most bodily functions, boost energy levels, and eliminate toxins such as heavy metals, which can weaken our tissues and lead to disease over time.

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“Eat your vegetables.”  We have all heard this statement many times from our mothers as well as our doctors and health professionals. That quote has never been more true than today. With the amount of free radicals that enter our bodies daily and the stress levels put on us, diet is more important today than ever before.

The phyto-nutrients found in green foods are full of vital anti-oxidants and plant-based vitamins and minerals. “Green foods” is a general term introduced decades ago that is now becoming a household name. It can refer to products that are made from fruit and vegetable extracts, often sold as capsules, tablets, wafers or powders. Taking these supplements can be the nutritional equivalent of eating the nine fresh servings of fruits and vegetables that we should consume daily, but often do not.

Common ingredients in green foods include blue green algae, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, kelp, dulse, and spirulina.

Green foods supplements can support most bodily functions, boost energy levels, and eliminate toxins such as heavy metals, which can weaken our tissues and lead to disease over time.

Studies have also shown the antioxidant-rich chlorella to help reduce high blood pressure, lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol, accelerate wound healing, improve general immune functions, and help with colitis and fibromyalgia.

There are other nutritional benefits of green foods, as well. They have been shown to support cellular metabolism, and because they are naturally alkaline, they help to neutralize excess acidity which is a common problem with the standard American diet.

Aesthetically, green foods provide benefits such as better looking skin, hair and nails. Some research suggests that green foods can even delay the natural effects of aging.

Although the last decade has seen a lot of green foods supplements enter into the market, we have found certain criteria that we feel are very important in making an educated decision when choosing a greens product.

First and foremost, the product should be organic if possible. Also, excessive heat can degrade a product, so it is important to get your greens in a raw or un-processed state. Many people may also wish to choose a formula that is vegetarian. This may be difficult to find, since some manufacturers use spirulina that is actually fed animal products. Lastly, watch out for products made with fillers and binders. These things have nothing to do with greens and are often used because they are less expensive. Fillers include such things as flax meal, apple pectin fiber, soy lecithin, and rice bran.

Another notable benefit of green foods has to do with digestion. When taken regularly, they have been shown to improve the way in which we process all the foods we eat. Good digestion and absorption of nutrients is necessary in order for nutrients to be absorbed into our blood stream and then delivered to our cells. This is key in achieving optimum health. The digestive enzymes and other nutrients often found in green foods help this process by increasing regularity and keeping our digestive tract operating efficiently.

Optimum health involves providing our bodies with the best possible nutrients for maintaining cellular wellness and function. Greens products should be part of everyone’s foundation for good health, and come in a variety of sources for multiple use. They can be mixed with juices, water, or blended into a smoothie with other things such as apples, bananas, berries, and/or protein powders for a complete meal replacement.

For an easy way to add Green Foods to your diet, check out The Vital Scoop from Bauman Nutrition. This unique blend of whey, greens, flax, fruit, and seed extracts was formulated by local nutrition expert Dr. Ed Bauman. With 45% protein, 25% fat and 30% carbs, it is a complete and balanced meal replacement. It’s perfect for smoothies--just add your favorite liquid. To order, visit www.BaumanNutrition.com.

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