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Japanese Enzyme Bath: Metabolic Rejuvenation
by Michael Stusser

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Ten years ago the Japanese Enzyme Bath was unknown in the United States. Now over 50,000 people have experienced this unique heat treatment, and many more have heard about it.

What is it about the enzyme bath that draws so many people to use it? Most people say they feel transformed by the enzyme bath. After just one treatment bathers feel significantly renewed, their skin softened, smoothed and glowing with warmth. They report a sensation of profound relaxation and rejuvenation. It is especially soothing for the digestive and nervous system, excellent for detoxification, and highly beneficial for aches and pains, stress and fatigue.

Why is this? The enzyme bath works on the metabolic system by affecting enzyme activity throughout the body. The action of the enzyme bath imitates much of the work that is constantly being performed by the internal organs to produce both heat and enzyme activity inside the body. When the body is immersed in this bio-active medium, circulation and metabolism are stimulated from outside, giving a boost to the internal organs which usually perform these functions on their own. This is part of the reason the bath is both relaxing and energizing at the same time!

The heat in the enzyme bath is produced biologically by fermentation, nature's purification process, which requires the presence of over 600 active enzymes. The largest organ of the body, the skin, comes in direct contact with intense enzyme activity in the enzyme bath. The bath, in addition to heat, produces its own electro-chemical environment. There are over 3,000 different enzymes in every cell of living tissue. This combination of heat and energy influences the enzymes in your body in many ways.

The enzyme bath works to break down body wastes in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The surface of your skin, your pores, and even the cells themselves are thoroughly cleansed. By enhancing enzyme function in your body, the bath improves digestion and cleansing organ function, increases the exchange of oxygen from the lungs into the bloodstream, and balances the energy in the nervous system.

This treatment is not recommended for individuals with high blood pressure, women during pregnancy or following the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is suggested for people seeking a powerful energetic shift in one session, and especially advisable for detoxification (a great way to end a fast), nervousness or stress, aches, pains and low back discomfort, or if you simply want to feel fantastic.

Osmosis Enzyme Bath and Massage in Freestone, California is the first and only enzyme bath in the USA. Ideally situated for the ultimate getaway, Osmosis is located in one of the most scenic valleys in Northern California. The facility has been optimized to create a complete healing sanctuary.

In addition to the bath, guests are served an enzyme tea in an exquisite Japanese garden upon their arrival. They are treated to personalized service and privacy throughout their visit, and have the option of receiving a 75-minute massage following their bath from one of many exceptionally gifted bodyworkers. Massage is available either indoors or in the new pavilions in the outdoor garden sanctuary.

Michael Stusser came upon the Enzyme Bath while living in Japan over 10 years ago. The bath helped his sciatica and provided a personal transformation. He was so impressed with the overall effect of the enzyme treatment that he made it his mission to bring it back to America. He started the Osmosis Enzyme Bath in 1985. For more information, call (707) 823-8231.


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