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What a Psychic Can Do for Your Health

by Rev. Kerry Echo Kiefer

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Putting a psychic first on your list of yearly check-ups can save time, money, undue fears and frustration.

Human beings tend innately toward wellness and balance. At the same time, we are always growing and changing--structurally reorganizing, making energetic shifts, and reestablishing--on all levels of our existence, seen and unseen. What we call "illness" is really only a side effect of such larger, holistic processes. Yet we feel poorly all the same, and worse when the "illness" resists treatment.

In cases of this kind, the "illness" itself is a symptom, so the cause must be sought elsewhere, in another, other-than-physical dimension of oneself. Otherwise, that of which we are unconscious and what our health practitioners cannot see can cost us a lot of time, money, worry and frustration. No, it is not time to change acupunturists, but it may be time to see a psychic.

Few people are as skilled as psychics at seeing the entire person--from past incarnations to parallel lives and everything in between. In psychic jargon, a person is a "book," and good books are multidimensional: growing, changing and developing on many levels. Health problems for these sensitive, interesting people are a sign of growth, and to gain some perspective on their "illness" comes as quite a relief and speeds recovery.

Diane thought she had a run-of-the-mill yeast infection. She treated herself with a home remedy she had used successfully for years. When to her surprise it failed to work, she visited her homeopathic physician, whose remedy she used until it was clear that it was not working either. She proceeded to the herbalist and the acupuncturist. Diane still have the yeast infection when she turned to a psychic 4 months later.

Looking clairvoyantly at the problem, the psychic could see that though Diane was troubled by the infection and afraid of something more serious, she was experiencing another agitation just beneath her conscious awareness. A closer look revealed that memories of her ex-husband and their marriage, which had been held in her lower abdomen for many years, were being released and leaving her body.

Diane had placed great store in this marriage. Her prospective husband was bright, sensitive, and had a solid career ahead of him. She anticipated a marriage as intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying as their courtship had been. Once married, however, her spouse became stubbornly absorbed in his work. The marriage became an after-thought, generally an outright annoyance when he was faced with shared responsibilities. In vain, Diane nursed the marriage along, absorbing her husband's irritation and suppressing her own pain and disappointment. She held these energies in the most vulnerable part of her body, the womb, where women protect and nurture hopes, dreams and physical children.

From a psychic point of view, Diane was in great spiritual health. Despite her long discomfort, she had actually been in the midst of healing herself. She had begun that process with the decision to remarry, and the yeast infection appeared soon after. She was clearing her body, preparing herself for a new partner. In the grander design, she was re-integrating her past experience in order to create the harmonious life and relationship she envisioned.

Diane's greatest fear was allayed: there was nothing wrong with her general physical health. The yeast infection would clear up, and all the sooner, now that she had help in bringing an old problem into full consciousness. Within a week of her psychic consultation, the yeast infection disappeared. Still, Diane's case does not mean that psychic consultations can (or should) replace other alternative healing methods and practitioners. Far from it.

James' situation is a case in point. James fell backward off a roof ladder 17 years ago. He was rushed to an emergency room and remained hospitalized for months while medical doctors worked to relieve severe pain and restore mobility. James the hospital confined indefinitely to a wheelchair, and with little hope of ever walking again, or of having much range of motion in any part of his body.

James had always been a religious man. Now, in a state of enforced inactivity, he took a deeply spiritual turn. Along with a variety of medicines and physical therapy, prayer and meditation became part of his daily regimen. Indeed, before long James decided to make a gradual attempt to dispense with all medication. He was convinced that his answers lay with his growing faith. In addition, at quite some expense he began seeing a well-known spiritual healer.

James had been seeing the spiritual healer for several years when he made an appointment with a local psychic. There was something wrong with his faith, he claimed. He could no longer afford the spiritual healing; and, worse, once he left the healer's office, he could not replicate the miracle of having walked several paces.

Seldom does a psychic have the pleasure of sitting before someone with no spiritual problems, but that was basically the case with James. His difficulty was not spiritual at all. There was no breach of faith of any kind on his part. Rather, he suffered from a delusion that all physical disease could be corrected by spiritual means. Of course, the well-known healer could cause him to walk, and there was no guile in this. But, not being clairvoyant, the healer missed the mark with James altogether. He could not see that James' healing would come by a different approach; one which acknowledged the spiritual sanctity of the body.

Interestingly, a psychic scan of James' physical body revealed no organic damage or blockage. It was a body that seemed merely to have lacked the benefit of flowing energy for many years. Though this was serious enough, it bode well for the prospect of James eventually learning to walk again. Curious about what the medical diagnosis had been 17 years ago, the psychic asked the nurse attending James, who replied, "Compression."

"You mean to say, from a medical point of view, James did not sustain any major damage to his spinal cord? That is all they said it was, Compression?" The diagnosis validated the psychic's reading, but it was surprising all the same, because no one had questioned it at the time. The course of James' life might have been different had alternative treatments been more widely accepted. Nevertheless, James' reality conformed to his beliefs and conspired with them to create a long, difficult lesson.

The psychic's prediction was that James would walk again, but it would take at least two years of intense, structural bodywork and a lot of patience on James' part. The miracle of walking again would not occur overnight, but it was no less a miracle for that. James was referred immediately to a Rolfer, who restored 80% of his range of motion in 6 months. James is now seeing a highly-skilled chiropractor who is working to strengthen his ambulatory spine. Though only a year has passed, James's progress is good. The prognosis for his recovery remains consistent with that of the psychic.

Like Diane and James, there are many people who find themselves in need of the kind of clarity and validation that only a psychic can give. We are fortunate that alternatives to allopathic medicine have survived, and are available to us today. We are also fortunate o have a new model of cooperation among health practitioners, including medical doctors, which ensures that client care comes first. It is now possible to use the help of a psychic in conjunction with other healing practitioners. Better yet, put one at the top of your list of yearly check-ups, and see your psychic first.

Since there is a wide variety of psychics in the marketplace, be sure to ask for one who specializes in health readings and who is willing to make referrals to other alternative practitioners. Also, inquire about the psychic's professional background, training and credentials, just as you would of anyone else who is offering a service.

Rev. Kerry Echo Kiefer is a Christian minister in the western mystical tradition. She has a private psychic consulting practice and teaches spiritual development in Santa Rosa, California. For more information, see her listing under Psychic & Intuitive Arts in The Share Guide's Holistic Health Directory.


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