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WIFI: Friend or Foe?
by Phyllis Light

You may be exposed to the damaging frequencies of WIFI whether you are aware of it or not!

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In our ever-expanding world of technology, there is a new advancement called WIFI (wireless fidelity).  With the right equipment (a card in your computer), you can connect to the internet anywhere you are, without needing a physical hook-up. Convenient? Certainly. Yet how is WIFI affecting us energetically?

Human beings not only have a physical body, but a "subtle energy body" as well--a field of energy that both surrounds the physical body and provides a specific blueprint for it. A good clairvoyant can look at a person's energy field and see what will manifest soon in the physical body, if the person doesn't first resolve the problem energetically, in his mind or emotions.

Normally, when you shut off your computer and walk away from it, you are no longer bombarded by the intense electromagnetic frequencies that the computer generates. However, with WIFI, you are now at risk of being bombarded by such frequencies anywhere you go where WIFI is present. In other words, you may be exposed to the damaging frequencies of WIFI whether you are aware of it or not.

Many places of business have installed WIFI for their customers. Entire cities, like San Francisco, are now broadcasting WIFI frequencies to everyone in their entire city--as a public service.

State parks in Texas offer internet access via WIFI, so visitors can surf the web without having to plug cables into a network. WIFI has also been installed on many college campuses as a convenience to the students.

What no one realizes is that everyone exposed to WIFI is feeling the negative effect of the frequencies bombarding their subtle energy field and weakening their physical body over time. In our high-tech world, we are already getting blasted by cell phone, TV, radio, microwave, and satellite frequencies 24/7, and now we are adding the energy of "wireless internet" to that negative soup of frequencies in which we live.

Many illnesses have been linked to exposure to electromagnetic fields. They cause weakened endocrine and immune systems which, in turn, can lead to: allergies, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, environmental illnesses--even a speeded-up aging process (Becker, 1990). The German government has officially condemned the use of WIFI, pulling it out of all schools due to potential health hazards.

With the advent of WIFI and its frequencies now being transmitted from our friendly neighborhood coffee shops and grocery stores, and even from our neighbor's house--allowing us to be bombarded by these frequencies at no extra charge--it is unbelievable what the human energy field is being asked to withstand.  And if that's not enough, there is a new version of WIFI that is currently being installed in U.S. cities called "WIMAX."

WIMAX is an even more powerful wireless internet system, which some have likened to "WIFI on steroids."  The industry plans a nationwide rollout of WIMAX, and intends to make the entire United States into "one huge hotspot." This system was tested in a small town in Sweden a year and a half ago, and once the system was powered up, people started reporting to hospitals with blurred vision, dizziness, and nausea; there were a couple of cases of heart arrhythmia as well. All symptoms disappeared once the people were out of range of the WIMAX frequencies. Turning the whole U.S. into one huge hotspot could make life here energetically intolerable, especially for sensitive people. Everyone's health will be adversely affected regardless of their sensitivity. However, not everyone will be able to feel what is happening to them.

You might liken our ability to send information via frequencies in the air to the use of lead pipes in Roman times. Lead pipes allowed the Romans to bring water to their homes, which revolutionized their way of living. Yet, because of lead's toxicity, it was also the worst thing they could have possibly done from a health perspective. Some historians speculate that this could ultimately have been a major cause of the decline of the Roman Empire. Technological advancements have their price.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D., is an author, expert in Telepathic Healing, pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®--protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world. Phyllis has spent 35 years researching how to heal, repair, and normalize the physical and subtle bodies, in order to bring greater health, well-being, and spiritual awareness to all people. For more information visit her website at www.lighthealing.com or call 512-301-2999.

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