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American Land Conservancy:
Protecting Natural Landscapes
for People and Wildlife


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Founded in 1990, American Land Conservancy (ALC) is a national non-profit land conservation organization that conserves land for the benefit of people and wildlife. ALC works in partnership with communities, landowners, non-profit organizations, corporations, and public resource agencies to protect land and water resources through acquisition, conservation easements, restoration, and stewardship. ALC has secured hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, working farms and ranches, and other natural areas across the United States.
These projects also create many new public outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, fishing, hunting, paddling, and much more.   

ALC seeks to foster healthy ecosystems by preserving biological diversity and protecting habitats. Current projects in California include the California Central Valley and Foothills Program. This region contains the 400-mile long Great Central Valley flanked by the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and Coastal ranges. One of the world's richest agricultural zones, the valley also provides habitat to 60 percent of the migratory waterfowl along the Pacific Flyway and refuge for over 100 endangered or threatened species.    

The Central Valley is one of the fastest growing regions of California. This growth is projected to strain public open space and recreation resources, while increasing the conversion of prime agricultural lands and critical habitats. This ALC program aims to conserve lands with exceptional natural resources that contribute to the region's quality of life. With 20,000 acres already conserved in the region, ALC has identified the Tulare Basin, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and the oak woodlands of the Sierra Nevada and Coastal Range as the program's primary focus areas.   

ALC has already secured hundreds of thousands of acres for wildlife habitat, working landscapes, parks and open space. Recently completed was the 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch project, including protection of 18 miles of public access in the heart of California's Central Coast. ALC also conserved 9,400 acres of old-growth forest and Kodiak bear habitat on Afognak Island in Alaska and protected 25,000 acres on America's mighty Mississippi River between St. Louis, Missouri and Cairo, Illinois.   

America's great outdoors lift the spirit and nourish our sense of adventure. Yet our unique national heritage is at risk as thousands of acres of open space and habitat are lost each day. You can help by joining this great organization. With a membership in ALC you receive a subscription to their newsletter, American Landscapes, an ALC window decal, and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped protect outstanding natural landscapes for people and wildlife. To learn more visit www.alcnet.org.

Reprinted with permission from www.alcnet.org; email info@alcnet.org


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