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Increase Your Bone Density

by Marlene Lily

I just celebrated my 70th birthday. And after receiving this news about my bones, I really felt
I had something to celebrate.

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The good news came from Kaiser in late December, regarding my bone density scans done a
week earlier. In comparison to my scans done in September 2006, bone density in my spine
showed a 27.3% increase and bone density in my total hip showed a 26.7% increase.
Both areas are now “consistent with normal bone density.”

In my scans done in 2005 and 2006, both the spine and the hip were “compatible with
osteopenia.” (“Osteopenia” is a term coined in the early 90s to describe bones that are thinning
but have not reached the stage of osteoporosis.) I have never had a fracture.

From 2006:
My spine BMD was 0.881 g/cm2, spine T-score was -1.5, spine z-score 0.2
Total hip BMD 0.688
Total Hip T-score -2.1
Total Hip Z-score -0.9
From 2011:
My lumbar spine BMD was 1.122 g/cm2, Lumbar spine T-score 0.7, Lumbar spine Z-score 2.8
Total Hip BMD 0.872 g/cm2
Total Hip T-score -0.6
Total Hip Z-score 0.9

So what have I been doing to effect this change?

I take strontium citrate 680 mg in the middle of the night when I get up to use the bathroom. I
first read about it in 2005 in a blog by Jonathan Wright, M.D., of the Tahoma Clinic in Seattle.
Strontium should be taken 4 hours before and after taking calcium supplements or any food
containing calcium, so that’s the reason for the middle-of-the-night timing.

I’ve also been taking inexpensive mineral capsules (not tablets) that contain 500 mg calcium
as hydroxyapatite (I read this is the most absorbable form), 500 mg magnesium, 5 mg
manganese, and 3 mg boron, as well as several other minerals. I take 2 after breakfast and 2 after
dinner, along with 1 125-mg capsule of magnesium taurate after breakfast and two after dinner.
(I began taking magnesium taurate for atrial fibrillation, not for bone strength, but I believe the
extra magnesium has helped my bones as well as the a-fib.) I’ve been buying the mineral
capsules online, because I have not been able to find the iron-free formula with hydroxyapatite in
any local stores. Some formulas contain too much manganese; others lack boron.
I also take 2000 units Vitamin D3 after breakfast and again after dinner. If you do a Google
search for Texas neurologist Stasha Gominak, M.D., you’ll find an excellent YouTube video
about Vitamin D3. She says we need to keep our levels at 60-80 ug/ml year around, and she
explains why.

After reading Lara Pizzorno’s excellent and inexpensive book, Your Bones, I started taking a
Vitamin K supplement that includes the all-important K2, both the MK4 and Mk7 forms, as well
as K1. But my bone density increased without it, probably because I often eat free-range eggs,
organic butter, and home-made kim chee, all of which provide a small amount of K2.
I also take 1 gram Calcium ascorbate (vitamin C) with bioflavonoids morning and night,
Vitamin B-50 (11 components) morning only. I have been doing this for more than thirty years.
I eat a huge salad almost every day of greens I grow in my year-round garden. I also eat a lot
of broccoli, kale, and chard. During the last 5 years I have eaten almost no dairy products since I
am allergic to them.

I try to walk at least half a mile every day, often more. I collect water in buckets from my
sink and shower (started this during the drought a couple years ago when we were asked to save
water; I realized it was great weight-bearing exercise, so when the drought ended, I kept doing
it). I lift the heavy buckets out of the sink or tub and use the water either on outdoor plants or to
flush the toilet.

I just celebrated my 70th birthday. And after receiving this news about my bones, I really felt
I had something to celebrate.


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