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Guide to Hawaiian Getaways
The Share Guide recommends the following Hawaiian vacation ideas including Yoga Vacations, Healing Retreats, Relaxing Spas, Mindful Journeys and more

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Akash Healing Center
on the Big Island
Akash Healing Center on the Big Island of Hawaii provides luxurious Ayurvedic treatments as well as spa  treatments.  These can be experienced in a Day Spa format or as a 3–30 day cleansing program.  In India these cleansing programs are called Pancha Karma.  A guest room is provided for those who wish to have a residential program, which will include three simple, cleansing meals.  For those who would like a spiritual and transformational experience, sign up for a Pancha Karma Program that includes Light Body Activation Practices.  What can be better than to cleanse the heaviness out of the physical while activating the Light Body. For more information call (808) 331-2276 or visit

Awakening in Paradise
Retreats, Lodging and Tours
Located on the Big Island of Hawaii‚on magnificent Kona coast, Awakening In Paradise offers retreats and vacation rentals throughout the year plus tours to experience Hawaiian sacred sanctuaries, dolphins, whales and a rainbow array of majestic marine life. Imagine retreating in a lush tropical paradise above the shores of a warm, sparkling ocean. Get away from the world, strengthen your spiritual focus, delve into a healing, introspective adventure and rejuvenate with joy and inspiration. Previous guests have recovered from physical, mental and emotional issues that were causing limitations in their lives. The retreat center is like walking into a temple with expansive ocean views. The environment is enhanced with amazing crystals, exotic flowers, art and symbols of spiritual grace, all in a tropical ambiance. Visit or email or call (808) 328-2082.

Eco-Retreats and Soul Journey Pilgrimages
Questing Spirit, a unique company offering Wellness Eco-Retreats and Soul Journey Pilgrimages, is located on the Big Island, a legendary place known as “the healing island.” Questers from all over the country join veteran retreat leaders Phillip and Ana Jones as they facilitate transformative experiences at power places--using tools such as meditation, yoga, energy healing, and native ceremonies. Soul Journeys include excursions to mystical mountains and rainforest valleys, swimming in the pristine ocean waters, and hiking to lava flows of the world’s most active volcano.  Throughout the year, private Soul Journeys can be scheduled for individuals, couples, and/or groups. Participants can also register for group events such as  “Fly with the Angels…Swim with the Dolphins” held September 16–23, 2004. For more information call (808) 775-9173 or email

Feng Shui Certification in Paradise!
This seven day experience takes you deep into the essence of the the natural elemental forces that are in their purest and most pristine form on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Participants will learn and experience the deeper essence of Feng Shui, energy transformation and personal/spiritual empowerment as they are immersed in the healing power of the Kealakekua Bay area.  Participants are given the opportunity to enjoy the healing energy of dolphins, powerful earth crystals, yoga meditation, spiritual chanting and sacred ceremonies.  This is a deeply life transforming opportunity.  Feng Shui Certification is given to those who complete the full curriculum.  For more information call (808) 328-1221 or visit

Healing Vacations in Hawaii with Susanne Sims
Connect with Hawaii’s most respected healers, discover its power-spots and sacred sites, or participate in a spiritual retreat that will change your life.  Healing Vacations in Hawaii offers customized retreats in Paradise for individuals and groups. Every vacation includes a unique blend of beautifully-appointed accommodations, restorative therapies, authentic cultural activities, adventures in nature and useful recommendations for healthy dining, yoga classes, local happenings and more. Whatever you’re looking for, from Native Hawaiian medicine to a personal vision quest, this team of creative retreat planners will connect you to just the right source, many of which are well off the beaten-path.  For more information please call (808) 885-2181 or go online and visit

Intuitive Dolphin Swims
with Celeste Eaton
Celeste Eaton has been an intuitive dolphin swim guide since 1994, swimming daily with her friends the dolphins. She loves to share her expertise of dolphin, whale and human connections as well as angelic essence. She has a beautiful spiritual dolphin and angel room available for lodging or she is happy to assist people in finding accommodations that will best suit their needs. She also provides sacred activities for clients’ enjoyment. As a vessel for Light and Sound Transmissions, Celeste graciously assists people in creating sacred healing spaces, so they can enjoy staying in beautiful Hawaiian Paradise. For more information call (808) 323-2568 or (808) 896-3132 or email

Hawaii Health Retreat
at Raydiant Health Center
Treat yourself to a rejuvenation vacation in the heart of Puna on the Big Island’s magical coast. Experience a health retreat filled with natural wonders, including an oceanfront warm springs lagoon ideal for swimming, relaxing or receiving a nurturing Watsu® session. Enjoy a purification ritual in a steam vent cave; swim with turtles and  tropical fish in pristine coral beds; hike to a volcanic lake in a nature preserve. Create a personalized wellness program with a Holistic Health Coach that instills optimum lifestyle changes. Learn how to prepare delicious raw food salads, and make fresh juices that revitalize and sprout enzyme-rich food. Participate in cleanses that restore colon health, eliminate Candida, detoxify the whole body, and produce cellular regeneration. Enjoy the Aloha Spirit, the restorative ocean, the tropical environment, and individual attention given to each guest. Private and  shared accommodations available. For more information: or call (808) 965-0100, or email

Inner and Outer Journeys on the Big Island
As your uncommon guides to paradise, Kathryn Andren and Joseph Mina offer unique custom services for group leaders, retreats and individuals, accelerating personal growth and renewal on the Big Island, Hawaii. Visit Volcano and sacred island sites, relax in the warmth of a hot stone massage, experience revolutionary tandem bodywork, feel the magic of swimming with dolphins, or try an Evolutionary Astrology Tarot consultation. These and other inner and outer journeys are potent catalysts for dynamic change. Passionately experience the union and awesome wonder of the natural elements - the land, sea and sky. Dive more intimately into the Big Island's magic and open to life changing possibilities exceeding the limits of your mind and embracing the depths of your heart.  For more information visit, email or call (808) 328-8533.

Kolealea Retreat Center
of Maui, Hawaii
Entering Kolealea via the footbridge, one enters the magic and mystery of Hawaii.  Truly, Kolealea offers a “transition out of the ordinary.”  Located in a lush jungle setting over-flowing with tropical flora and fed by a seasonal stream, Kolealea offers a variety of cozy lodgings that can accommodate up to 24, and beautiful meeting facilities that can seat up to 60.   This is the perfect place for personal retreats, family reunions, seminars, residential programs or a serene vacation rental. Adding to the relaxing benefits are a hot tub, outside decks, and various styles of massage, including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.  A beautiful nature-walk beneath a canopy of rose apple trees, along a stream and fern covered rocky cliffs, offers a nature experience rich with the sights, sounds and smells of Hawaii. All of this, and convenience too!  Kolealea is located within 15 minutes of beaches and historic towns with quaint restaurants and shops.For more information call (888) 248-7017 or visit

Tara Yoga & Meditation
Center on the Big Island
Imagine a retreat nestled in the heart of Hawaii’s lush tropical paradise. Located at an elevation of 1200 feet with a panoramic view of the pacific, Tara Yoga & Meditation Center is a 7,000 sq. foot, sustainable retreat offering a spacious environment perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation & healing. On 40 secluded acres, this verdant paradise offers individual, family, and group retreats. Whether visitors interests include exploring the island’s sacred sites, yoga, cleansing, healing trauma or health conditions, or transformational breath-work and spiritual practice, they find Tara to be a supportive, nourishing environment. Discover why people say, “Tara is perfect. So peaceful, natural, and simple, yet with such elegance and beauty!” For more information visit or call (808)960-5598.

Transformational Retreat on Kauai with Marc Allen
Come to the enchanting island of Kauai from Jan. 9–15, 2005 to begin your journey towards financial success and lasting fulfillment.  Take this unique opportunity to join Marc Allen, a self-made millionaire, musician, author, and publisher for this conscious wealth-building retreat and possibly change your life forever. Best of all, you can do it in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.  The lush, garden island of Kauai, the sixth and  oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, is associated with the sixth chakra, expressed as higher intuition. Kauai is the perfect place for you to discover your higher purpose and develop your personal and financial wellness plan, so you can truly begin living the life of your dreams. Also included: special guest workshop by Shakti Gawain. For more  information  visit or call 800-874-1996.

Wood Valley Temple and Retreat
in Pahala Hawaii
Wood Valley Temple Retreat and Guest House is a center located on 25 beautiful acres on the Big Island of Hawaii. The temple’s remote location and its peaceful  surroundings offer a perfect setting for contemplative retreat, profound  inspiration and spiritual insight. Visitors may stay here on a personal retreat or explore some unique places nearby, such as the active Kilauea Volcano and Punalu’u Black Sand Beach.  The center accommodates 15 people or a small group comfortably; guest rooms have an Asian Pacific decor.  Staying here is a memorable experience and everyone is welcome. Established  in 1973 by the Venerable Nechung Rinpoche, the temple was created for the dissemination of Buddhist teachings--a place for great masters to teach and for students to receive and actualize these instructions through contemplation and meditation.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama has stayed and taught here twice.  Lamas of all four Tibetan lineages visit and conduct programs several times yearly on philosophy and meditation. For information call (808) 928-8539 or visit


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