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Malnutrition in the Midst of Plenty

by Marvin Lee Robey

Candida is not easily treated. Prescriptions or herbal fungicides are often either non-effective or have very dangerous side effects.

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Many people spend large sums on good organic food and good supplements and are still suffering from malnutrition--defined as the insufficient, excessive, or imbalanced consumption of nutrients. How can this be? What is the solution? Better food? More supplements? Different supplements? No. None of these will do any good.
The problem is in the digestive system and not where you might think. The problem begins with something killing the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system. Most of us have been raised with a fear of all bacteria. The story often goes: "Bacteria are the cause of disease. If we could find a way to kill all the bacteria in the world, we would all be healthy."    

In reality, we would all soon be dead! Bacteria are not our enemy; they are essential to the life cycle. Disease only sets in when decay has already begun in our body.        

Without bacteria, dead matter would not decay and would not return to usable soil. Plants would not grow. The life cycle would be broken. There would be no food. But that is only the beginning: 90% of the cells within the healthy human body are bacteria--by number, not weight.    

There are two basic kinds of bacteria: the aerobic which require free oxygen, and the anaerobic, which usually cannot withstand free oxygen. The latter obtain their oxygen from our food. The difference is very important. There are an estimated 500 strains of aerobic bacteria associated with health, involved in the conversion of foods into many forms we can use, as well as mild and pleasant body odors. There are an estimated 10 times as many anaerobic bacteria, which are associated with  strong and unpleasant body odors and body decay (disease) in the unhealthy body. Their wastes are toxic.
The friendly bacteria are necessary for the production of essential nutrients, the elimination of toxins, and other body processes. Many probiotics sold on the market contain less than thirty strains of friendly bacteria altogether. Many, many more are needed, but hard to replace once lost. And once lost, we suffer from a lack of specific nutrients.    

Once the disease-causing bacteria have become dominant and the friendly bacteria lost, we are out of balance. The more nutrients we consume, the more the disease-causing bacteria and yeasts multiply. Needless to say, we are going to be sick. This sickness may take many forms, but will always consist of malnutrition and a heavy toxic load. When this disease condition progresses, eventually it moves from the digestive system into the blood.   

This condition can be brought on by several things, or a combination of them. Taking broad spectrum antibiotics is the number one cause. Other antibiotics and prescription medications is number two. Then there's chlorine, which is put in our drinking water to kill dangerous bacteria and prevent disease. However, the chlorine kills all of the bacteria in the drinking water and tends to do the same thing in our digestive system. Fluoride also kills all of the bacteria in our digestive system (both good and bad) and poisons our whole body. Serious constipation can be another cause.   

Doctors will tell you that killing all the bacteria is not important because the bacteria come right back. Some bacteria do return, but the anaerobic bacteria absorb the oxygen and tend to move in first. Once the oxygen is gone, the friendly aerobic bacteria cannot move back in, the oxygen cannot be restored, and fungus such as Candida Albicans move in with the unfriendly bacteria. Now you have a condition commonly known as Candida, in which your good foods are being converted into toxins instead of nutrients.
Candida is not easily treated. If you flood yourself with good probiotics, they require oxygen to survive and it is not there. If you take a prescription or herbal fungicide, they are almost always either non-effective or have very dangerous side effects. And they accomplish very little because the anaerobic bacteria are unaffected and remain dominant.  If you take an antibiotic, it will kill at least some strains of the unfriendly bacteria, but it will probably also kill any friendly bacteria trying to get back in. If you try all of these things at the same time, it will still do little good because the oxygen is still not there.    

The colon is lined with villi which form an inner surface roughly like fur. It is these villi which absorb much of the nutrients from the colon. The average adult is said to have ten pounds of badly decayed waste making a home for disease-causing bacteria coating these villi. The nutrients cannot reach the villi to pass into the blood, but the toxins do.    

The result is malnutrition and a heavy toxic load. The condition will not be corrected until: 1) The colon is cleaned; 2) The anaerobic bacteria and yeasts are killed; 3) The oxygen is restored; 4) The beneficial bacteria are restored. All must be done at the same time.

Marvin Lee Robey is the author of How I Cured My Life Long Candida Infection Accidently and An Amazing Health Substance. He is also the creator of Candid-X, a safe, fast, and low-cost treatment program for Candida that treats the entire body including the intestinal tract, colon, and blood. Please visit www.candid-x.com for more information on this complete digestive program.


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