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Conscious Channeling
by Mary El

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You can (and do) channel for yourself and others. You need not be famous, write a book, or go into a trance. You can access/connect with all the energy and information you need with conscious channeling.

What is Channeling?
To channel is to be a conduit to receive and express energy as it moves from one dimension to anotherÑand that expression takes many forms. A bodyworker is being a channel for healing energy to express/pass through the hands. An artist is being a channel for a vision to express on canvas, clay, etc. A poet is being a channel for thoughts to express in word rhythms and forms. A musician is being a channel for sound to express through instruments.

You are being a channel every moment of every dayÉin one form or another. You are an instrument: through your hands; through your eyes; through your thoughts; through your voice; through your heart--however you choose to communicate the energy you have received.

The question is: Are you conscious of the energy that you have connected with and you are expressing in every deed, word and thought? Are you consciously aware of the energy that is flowing to you and through you and expressing to All That Is around you?

Channel with Voice Expression
The most common reference to "channeling" is with voice expression. It means verbally expressing the forms of telepathic communication that you receive while in a state of Love and Peace. Conscious Channeling means describing verbally the symbols and pictures that you may be seeing, and sharing verbally the thoughts that come to you as you connect with Divine Energies. You may want to refer to them as Cosmic, God, Source, Universal or Higher Energies. The "high" aspect refers to a frequency or vibration, a vastness of consciousness, and a level of responsibility rather than a judgment of worthiness.

The messages you receive while in a state of Love may come in a purposeful channeling session, or you may already be aware of receiving guidance/messages all through your day--as long as you remain in a state of Love. When we move into fear we jam our circuits; our clarity seems to vanish. The clarity and the help from other realms is always there, if we keep our channels open.

You as a Conscious Channel
You, as a conscious channel, are aware in the moment of what is being transmitted/coming through/being spoken. There is no trance involved. You are conscious of what is happening and are in a relaxed, meditative, attuned state that enables connection. You don't have to do anything except get out of the way with your conscious mind.

Getting out of the way is a continuing spiritual practice. My experience is that the Divine Energies are totally compassionate, non-judgmental, patient and loving. If there is a judgment/attitude then you are getting in the way.

As a conscious channel you speak with your own voice, although you may sound a bit different than usual because of the resonance of the Energy in your voice (usually very calm and filled with Love). As a conscious channel you speak in your own words, and receive and express thoughts that are in alignment with your deepest beliefs--because the energies you channel in a state of Love are aligned with your Full Multi-dimensional/Soul/Higher/External Self. And, yes, you may channel your Higher Self. Hopefully, you do that every day!

We All Channel
I believe that we all receive guidance (channel) all the time. The question is whether we are open to receive it, trust it and act on it in our everyday lives, in order to live in alignment with Spirit. Channeling is very empowering because you are consistently encouraged to trust your Self in the process--to trust your feelings, your vision, your thoughts, your discernment, and to trust the flow of the Universe even if you don't understand it in the moment.

Channeling is a way of opening your Heart. Most of us have never felt so much Love. As you expand and ascend to higher frequencies of connection, your consciousness will transform so that you have the eyes to See and the ears to Hear the energetic dimensions of your Self and the Universe.

Mary Lynn teaches Conscious Channeling and publishes Divine Connections, a channeled publication. She has worked closely with the Pleiadians and the Masters and has created a rural Light Center. For more information, see her listing under Psychic & Intuitive Arts in The Share Guide's Holistic Health Directory.


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