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Kauai: The Healing, Garden Island
by Joan Levy

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Kaui is calling you. Can you hear her?
A balmy, tropical island with breathtaking majestic beauty, peace and quiet. A healing place. To come to Kauai is to be nourished, to be deeply touched by an elemental healing energy that long flowered into powerful ancient Hawaiian healing traditions and the precious spirit of Aloha.

Over time, Kauai has called many practitioners to her shores to contribute their healing practices and gifts. The Association for Healing Arts Practitioners was formed to provide healing services, free information and referral. Whether it be a gentle, relaxing touch or a deep and penetrating therapeutic massage, skilled massage therapists, Native Hawaiian lomi lomi workers and bodyworkers can ease tired, sore muscles after a hike to the top of a mountain or down to the depth of a hidden waterfall. They can assist recovery from injury, relieve chronic pain, and release long-stored tension from a stressful life.

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, kinesiologists, aroma therapists and colon therapists abound to support physical alignment, attunement and healing for the body. Mind/body psychotherapists are there to address your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Psychics, astrologers, Reiki, spiritual healing, advanced energy techniques and channels are also available to support you metaphysically. All these healers' skillful work is empowered by the healing energy of the land. You will also find various styles of yoga, tai chi, aikido, meditation, and breath therapy to help calm, center and balance you. Something for everyone!

Kauai invites you to come and re-establish physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance in your life. With lasting effects that can enhance your whole life as well as your vacation, Kauai's Association for Healing Arts Practitioners can meet your healing needs.

All three of the places listed here are affiliated with Kauai's Association for Healing Arts Practitioners, and can provide massage and other healing services on the premises, plus information and referrals for various other therapies.

Conveniently situated half-way between Kauai's Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon, Keapana Center stands on 3 acres of rolling hills overlooking the ocean and mountains. It's 5 minutes from Kapaa Village and Kealia Beach, a long, white sandy crescent safe for swimming and body serfing. The Center's grounds provide ample space for individual solitude and retreat. Guests are encouraged to lounge on rattan sofas, swing in the hammock or soak in the spacious jacuzzi overlooking magnficent mountain vistas. Keapana Center provides the perfect starting point for island-wide exploration.

Kai Mana, the beautiful home of author Shakti Gawain, is set on a cliff surrounded by a panorama of ocean and mountains. Wake up to a leisurely breakfast and wind down with a soak in their hot tub on the spacious lanai. A cliffside trail leads to one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Hawaii. Counseling sessions with the best selling author are available when she is on the island.

Round out your stay on Kauai at Tassa Hanalei, a bed & breakfast retreat modeled after a Zen Buddhist center, and situated deep in the foothills of Hanalei. You will know you are getting near when you can see the silhouette of Bali Hai in the distance, and recognize the beaches where South Pacific was filmed. A communal hot tub and cold plunge are available for guests, as well as a swimming area in the waist-deep Wainiha River. At their Healing Temple you can arrange for various styles of massage and bodywork.


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