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Discover the Magic of
Transforming Your Mind

by William von Holst

Your mind reflects the world and the world reflects in your mind. If you retrain your mind, you will experience life in a whole new way.

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Everyone is on an adventure called life. We all try our best to live as well as possible, and yet it seems we encounter many obstacles, trying to succeed but often falling short. With economic uncertainty, natural disasters, endless wars and struggles, what worked in the past may not be working now. Living in troubled times like the present, we need even more help. We have tried many courses, many teachers, many books and yet still remain searching.       
Why do so many feel disconnected from the One Source? If you are disconnected from your true self, then you are cut off from the rest of the Life-Stream and you are like a little island in the Ocean of Life. You end up living in a little bubble.    

Our experience of ourselves and the universe around us is immediately colored by our thoughts. We do not know ourselves as we really are, nor do we experience the Universe around us as it really is because we see it through a colored screen, from behind the barricades of our own thoughts. Changing our thoughts or ideas does nothing to change the substance of the mind. We still see ourselves and the world around us through colored glass. To truly change our consciousness, we need ways that change the vibrations of the mind itself so the colored screen becomes transparent.
We have been conditioned from the very moment we entered this world. So how do we change the substance of the mind itself? I teach a simple technique based on the work of Imre Vallyon to retrain the mind to focus upon the Inner Connectedness of all things. The first step is to realize your mind is infinitely greater than what you think about, and knowing this is the start of a liberating process. Learn to become sharply focused in the moment.  By refocusing ourselves every moment, our everyday world changes before our eyes. It is exceedingly simple.
The second step is to switch your focus from the outer events, thoughts, and feelings to the innermost essence of who you are. Imagine turning your consciousness one hundred and eighty degrees from the outer random events to the very core of your being. This switching of consciousness will transform your life. You are no longer a victim of events, but a powerful source of inner strength and clarity. Your consciousness has been turned inside out and you witness your life connected to the One Source, which helps you every moment of every day. This is our birthright as human beings. This new consciousness has no religious dogma and no priests to withhold information. We are meant to live in continuous harmony and unity with the One Source. This is humanity's destiny.
Once you understand who you truly are, a magical transformation begins. Change your mind and the world changes as well. Your mind reflects the world and the world reflects in your mind. If you retrain your mind, you will experience life in a whole new way. Your colored screen will become transparent and you will see yourself and the world as it truly is--infinite, bright and joyous. That is the enormous power that humanity carries, and it's only a matter of understanding this and  harnessing the mind to become a tool for transformation. Once humanity discovers this truth, we will become a planet of peace.

William von Holst has conducted courses based on Imre Vallyon's book The Magical Mind. Imre Vallyon has taught extensively all over the globe for over 40 years. Born with a gift of interior realization, Imre's talent is an unbroken connection with the One Source. William has studied extensively with Imre for the last 25 years. For more information call 415-531-4216.   

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