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Finding Peace Amidst Fear

by Marisa Russo

Peace is obtainable in your life; you just need to look within yourself first.

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As life moves forward it seems to provide less security, peace and certainty. Peace is obtainable in your life; you just need to look within yourself first. You are the creator of your life. You can harness and manage the powers within. When you reach that peaceful and centred place within yourself, your life will flow and your intuitive instincts will be heightened. You will feel and experience a cloak of protection and guidance to keep your mind at peace. You will feel your life flow in a path that protects, heals and enhances you. You will have stretched, challenged and pushed your beliefs so that you know you can surrender and trust that all will be well. You will learn that the vibration within you will mould your surroundings and experiences to match it. Addressing your fears is where you begin your journey to creating this powerful self. Your fears may consist of the unknown, natural disasters, other people, death and suffering, health and safety, loss of income, food, and possessions. Each person in this world is unique; finding your own individual fears and their causes will help you on this journey. Understanding that your vibration attracts what you focus on, reminds you that you are the creator and designer of your life, so you are creating every minute of the day.

Releasing Fear…
Andrea, a client, lived in fear her whole life. When a stressful situation would arise in her life, it would overwhelm her. Andrea pursued many avenues to find relief, such as travelling to India to live amongst the Buddhists, and spending hours meditating and attending spiritual workshops. All of these experiences still left her without peace. When Andrea finally realised that her low self-worth was keeping her stuck and that she deserved more, her life began to change. This peace came from within and not from an external source.

Remember When…
Remember a time in your life when you felt connected to the feeling of peace and joy. Was it the moment your child was born, or holding a baby and feeling their pure essence? Was it a moment when you locked eyes with an animal and you sensed they knew you? A time when you loved so much that nothing else existed in your world? What was the moment that has forever imprinted on your heart, a moment that you will always cherish when you recall it?

Let Go…
There is a mistaken belief that controlling your life and others keeps you safe and reduces stress. This only increases stress as life is forever reminding you that you cannot control it. Analyse all your fears from your past, receive healing and let them go. Trusting and surrendering to life allows you to connect and influence the direction life can take you. Details are also important in life; it is the small details that influence final outcomes. It is similar to asking someone to paint a picture for you. The more details you give to them, the more likely they will create the picture you want.

To find the power within you, visualise and imagine becoming the strength of a large oak tree. The roots are deeply planted in the ground, immoveable in any storm. You are strong and centred and connected to heaven and earth. This connects you to all that is. Allow these energies to surge up through your feet, your legs, your torso, your chest, your arms, and then your head. Let this power release all the negative feelings and experiences that have impacted you and allow the strong and powerful energies to take over.

My Journey…
I have come to a realisation that life has a natural flow. My upbringing kept a negative energy around me that produced negative results. I had accumulated fears from my childhood which would attract many fearful situations in my life. When I started cleaning up my life in every direction including mental, spiritual, and physical aspects, I began attracting more appealing and positive experiences in my life. Now when I do attract a fearful situation, I access a source of power within me to change the situation. I no longer fear as I believe that everything will always work out.

Marisa Russo is an Australian award-winning Master Healer and founder of the Forensic Advance Healing system. For more info visit www.MarisaRusso.com


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