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Wisdom Healing Qigong
Inner Transformation for our Collective Challenge

by Master Mingtong Gu

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Humanity is facing its greatest challenge: environmentally, sociologically and spiritually. To transform the difficulties that we now face, we must transform our inner being. One way to do that is by utilizing an ancient alchemy to change fearful, negative emotions into healthy, positive emotions. Emotional healing is the key to transforming all dimensions of energy from limiting patterns into harmonious and productive flows of energy. For example, we can transform fear into strength, worry into openness, and hatred into kindness. As we face the extraordinary challenges of today personally as well as collectively, healing our emotions is the most important transformation we can undertake.
When we encounter limiting emotions we repress the full expression of our true potential. The following steps can be taken to transform limiting emotional energy into productive and healing energy. First, stop the story associated with the negative emotion. The story that creates negative emotions is a limiting story, often self-projected based on a previous emotional program and creates a limiting pattern. When the story arises, gently guide your mind away from the story. Second, feel the energy in your organs and body beyond any learned concept. The more you practice feeling the energy inside your organs the easier it becomes to access the healing vibrations of sound. Third, transform: use ancient healing sounds and/or Wallsquatt to transform the emotion from a victim of the past to a creator of now.
Wisdom Healing Qigong, as well as many other ancient practices, describes interactions and relationships between phenomena as the Five Elements. The Five Elements Theory includes Fire, Earth, Wood/Space, Water and Metal/Air. These five elements are associated with organs in the body. Fire is related to the heart; earth to the pancreas; wood/space to the liver; water to the kidneys; and metal/air to the lungs. Additionally, each organ is related to certain positive and negative emotions. For example, the heart (fire) is related to joy and love as well as grief and depression. The digestive system (pancreas/earth) is related to groundedness, centeredness and worry. The respiratory system (lungs/metal) is associated with grief, sympathy, compassion and deep knowing. The regenerative and cellular reproduction system (kidneys/water) is related to mindfulness, caution and being overly fearful. Emotions such as anger, courage and clarity are associated with the body's purification system (liver/wood).
The organs are made of physical, emotional and spiritual energy. The five organs are like five members of one family. They support each other and communicate with one another. Our emotions are the energetic experience of the five organs while the psychological emotions (such as the concept of happiness or fear) are only the mind/brain interpretation of the deeper emotional experience within the organs (emotion = energy in motion within organs).
By associating the emotions with corresponding organs and the Five Elements, we can begin to understand the properties of transformative healing through sound, movement and visualization. When we move our shoulders, arms and hands, we connect with our heart, lungs, the purification system and brain energy. In addition, when we massage our legs and open our feet, we connect with the kidneys, the digestive system and the brain energy. Wisdom Healing Qigong provides us with movements that activate the energy or chi fields within and outside of our personal chi fields.
One of those movements is the Wallsquatt. The Wallsquatt has many benefits. Gentle forward and downward movements and backward and upward movements, enhance body alignment, strengthen the spine, and release negative and repressed emotions and harmonize energy within the body. A powerful practice, the Wallsquatt is imperative for emotional healing.
Below is a brief introduction to the Five Elements Theory of healing sounds. Wisdom Healing Qigong teaches us ancient sounds that correspond to each organ for the healing of that particular organ. For example, one sound for the heart, Kai Shin (open heart) literally means happiness. The main energy pattern of the heart is expansion and contraction. When feeling depressed, chant Kai Shin and visualize the energy opening up. Another example relates to the kidneys. When we are fearful our kidney energy (water) goes down. Literally speaking, we are depleting our energy.
To maintain healthy energy, bring your energy up to the Mingmen, up to the brain. So kidney energy is vertical, up and down. The sounds associated with the kidneys are the short "aaaaa" sound, and the sounds "euuh" and "eu-ying." Shake the kidneys with a deep, strong, penetrating sound to bring about clear, cautious, alert, neutral fear that enables one to act instead of react. A positive emotion for the digestive system (pancreas/earth)  is thoughtfulness, almost like a second brain. Equanimity, groundedness and centeredness are extensions of that emotion. The digestive system has a spiral movement both in and out. The sounds associated with the pancreas are "gong," "fu" and "dzong."    
Other sounds such as "t," "jiu" and "ling" are associated with the purification system and the sounds "song" (short o), "sss" and "song" (long o) are used for the respiratory system.
There are three steps to sound healing. One, make the sound as loud as you can. Feel the vibration the sound makes in your organs. Two, make the sound softly so you can barely hear it, but still feel the same vibration as the one made when spoken loudly. Three, mentally "feel" the sound and move the tongue as if making the sound but don't actually make the sound. Before making healing sounds, think of yourself in the center of the chi field and let go of any perceptions of the skin and other parts of the body and focus on just the organs.   
By using the above movements, visualizations, and sounds from the Five Elements Theory, we can heal our emotions. We can move out of fear and hate and into gentleness and kindness. When we transform our own energy with the ancient technology of inner alchemy, we transform the energy field of all humanity and the earth.

Master Mingtong Gu is the founder of the International Chi Healing Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation. On January 30-31, 2010 at JCC San Rafael, Master Gu will teach Wisdom Healing Qigong--the profound techniques prescribed by the world's largest "medicine-less" hospital in China. This hospital has a 95% success rate working with over 200,000 patients and treating more than 185 diseases. Master Gu offers Healing Intensive Retreats throughout the year. For more information visit www.chicenter.com.

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