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Self-Healing with Energy Medicine

by Ann Marie Chiasson, MD

Optimum health depends on clearing blocks in our energy body daily,
especially when we are experiencing difficulties with health or other aspects of life.

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Energy medicine or energy healing is based on the concept that in addition to a system of physical and chemical processes, the human being is made up of a complex system of energy. This underlying energy field, also called the "subtle body," is housed within the physical body and extends beyond it. I like to use the analogy of a garden, where the health of the soil affects how a plant grows and flowers. If the soil is nutrient depleted, the plant grows poorly. Likewise, if the energy body is not balanced and the energy does not flow or move in its natural state, the physical body is affected and can begin to function improperly.
There are several tenets that are basic to the practice of energy medicine for self-healing. First, we are all born with a yolk sac of energy that we typically use up in the first 40 years of life. After 40, feeling energized and vital depends on gathering energy from the earth's energy field every day. Optimum health also depends on clearing blocks in our energy body daily, especially when we are experiencing difficulties with health or other aspects of life.
Before age 40, gathering energy each day is also reenergizing and healing; after 40, gathering energy each day is crucial. We instinctively do this in multiple ways, with exercises such as walking, yoga, or dancing, but we can augment this gathering with simple practices.
Second, the body must be cleared of energy, emotion, and experiences daily. Since everything is energy, we receive information into the body as energy or vibration, and the body translates this vibrational information into experience, emotion, sensation, or thought (or combinations of these). However, we often pull the energy of good and bad emotions or experiences into the head too quickly, and we think about it rather than feel or experience it as is. This bypass creates an energy or vibration tag that is stored in the body. These tags must be cleared to allow a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. Clearing these tags offers us the ability to respond with different actions, thoughts, and realizations.
Clearing the body is easy; we do this with movement, breath, meditation, or specific energy practices. You already clear your body instinctively-taking a shower or a run at the end of a difficult day is a great example of ways people naturally clear blocks or vibrational tags from their body.
Third, our energy is not ours. Everything is made of energy, and what we experience as our energy is actually part of a larger field of energy that is in constant connection and relationship to every aspect of our environment.

The Heart-Centered Meditation
How we view the world affects how we experience it. Often we cannot accurately see what is really going on because we are judging and reacting to what we believe is happening. The Heart-Centered Meditation helps us shift the way we see the world and how we experience it. By making this shift, we become more able to sense and explore the energy field in our bodies, and tap into the healing energy of the heart center with more ease.
I believe the energy of the heart center is the most healing energy available to us, and by practicing this meditation we have the resource of the heart center available to us throughout the day. This meditation is a cornerstone to self-healing, because the energy stimulated by the meditation is extraordinary for healing the whole body.
I suggest you practice this meditation daily, for 5-20 minutes at a time.

Attributes of the Heart Center
* Compassion
* Innate Harmony
* Healing Presence
* Unconditional Love

Sit in a comfortable position and place your hands in the heart-center hand position (place your right hand flat, on top of your heart, and your left hand on top of your right). Close your eyes, and with each breath silently repeat the heart center attributes as a mantra or sacred prayer, asking that these attributes be revealed to you. Try to embody each attribute as you meditate. The attributes are infinite; even if you have meditated with them for years, they continue to teach us in each meditation. Practice this meditation daily for 5-20 minutes per session.

The energy body is described in many healing modalities, although each describes it a bit differently. The most commonly used systems of energy anatomy are the chakra system, the dan tiens, the meridian system, the matrix of energy, and the aura.
The Chakras
Mention of the chakra system first appeared in ancient Indian yoga traditions. The chakra anatomy delineates seven wheels, or vortices of energy, which are aligned in the body from the tailbone to the head. The chakras spin in a clockwise direction to move energy through the body. The chakra anatomy is a commonly used system in many energy-healing modalities today.

The Dan Tiens
The dan tiens appear in Traditional Chinese Medicine and earlier ancient teachings from China. This system of energy anatomy delineates three primary energy centers, or energy bodies: a lower dan tien, a middle dan tien, and an upper dan tien. Each dan tien affects a different aspect of health: the lower dan tien governs the physical body; the middle dan tien governs the emotional body; the upper dan tien governs the spiritual and mental body.

The Meridian System
The meridian system also originates in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The meridians are small channels of energy that run under the skin, affecting the entire energy body. Acupuncture is one healing modality that works with the meridian system.

The Matrix of Energy
The matrix of energy within the body is described in multiple cultures and shamanic traditions. This energy anatomy is based on a three-dimensional grid of energy housed within the body. This grid becomes tangled when there is an energy imbalance or block in the body. Healthy energy flow allows energy movement along all channels of this grid.

The Aura
The energy body extends beyond the physical body and is called the aura. It is also referred to as the electromagnetic field or biofield of the body. Healing work can be directed to the physical body, or to the aura around the body. The aura is also the energy interface between one person and another.

Our Energy Bodies
These energy anatomies are actually different layers of the energy body. Different healers work with different layers of the energy field, depending on their training and abilities. For example, a traditional Chinese medical doctor works with the dan tiens and the meridian system, while a healing touch practitioner works at the chakra layer.

How Illness Develops
Illness can develop when there is a decreased or blocked energy within the body over a period of time. When underlying energy is not flowing properly, cells and organs may begin to function improperly, and illness may occur. Pain is a blocked energy and can occur immediately when there is an injury or trauma. Physical health is best maintained by keeping the energy body clear and balanced, allowing a healthy energy to flow throughout the body. Once illness or disease has developed, it often requires even greater effort in order to remove the energy block and restore healthy flow to both the energy body and physical body. Energy healing in conjunction with conventional medicine and other healing modalities is helpful once disease is present.

Excerpted with permission from Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care ©2011 by Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, published by Sounds True, Boulder, CO. Available in stores or visit www.soundstrue.com

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