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Are You a Sugar Addict?
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Many people eat their weight in sugar every year. And it may be why you are tired, achy, brain-fogged, anxious, and overweight.

In the United States, with 18% of the average American diet coming from added sugar, sugar addiction is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Many people eat their weight in sugar every year. And it may be why you are tired, achy, brain-fogged, anxious, and overweight.
There are four main types of sugar addiction. In each type, there are different forces driving your addiction. By treating the underlying causes that are active in your type of addiction, you will find that not only do your sugar cravings go away, but you also feel dramatically better overall. 

Here's more good news: Once you have broken your sugar addiction, your body should be able to handle sugar in moderation. This means saving sugar for dessert or snacks where it belongs, and going for quality, not quantity.
To beat sugar addiction, first you'll need to figure out which type of sugar addict you are. Here are the four key types:

Type 1: Hooked on "Energy Loan Shark" drinks
You are chronically exhausted and hooked on caffeine and sugar. When daily fatigue causes sugar (and caffeine) cravings, sometimes all you need is to improve nutrition, sleep, and exercise. When your energy increases, you won't need sugar and caffeine for an energy boost.

Type 2: Feed Me Now or I'll Kill You
This is when life's stresses have exhausted your adrenal glands. For those of you who get irritable when you're hungry and crash under stress, it is important to treat your adrenal exhaustion. Herbal licorice, adrenal glandular, vitamin C and pantothenic acid will help heal your adrenal stress handler glands.

Type 3: The Happy Twinkie Hunter
Here your sugar cravings are caused by yeast/candida overgrowth. For those of you with chronic nasal congestion, sinusitis, spastic colon, or irritable bowel syndrome, treating yeast overgrowth is critical. This can be done with probiotics, natural antifungals, and if necessary medication.

Type 4: Depressed and Craving Carbs
Sometimes sugar cravings are caused by your period, menopause, or andropause. Standard blood testing for hormonal deficiencies will not reveal these problems until they are very severe, sometimes leaving people deficient for decades. Bioidentical hormones can be very helpful. Raise low estrogen naturally by eating a handful of edamame each day.

QUIZ: What Kind of Sugar Addict are You?

Do you…
Feel tired much of the time? (20 points)
Need coffee to get jumpstarted in the morning? (10 pts)
What is the average number of ounces of caffeinated coffee or soda or "energy drinks" you drink daily? (Score 2 points for each ounce.)
Do you repeatedly crave sweets or caffeine to give you the energy to get through the day? (25 points)
Are you gaining weight? Or having trouble losing weight? (Score 1 point for every 2 pounds gained over the past 3 years.)
0-30: No problem. Skip to the next quiz.
31-50: You are treating your fatigue with sugar and caffeine--which are energy "loan sharks."
Over 50: You are a sugar and caffeine junkie. You need to learn how to restore your energy production naturally. Use the SHINE Protocol (Sleep, Hormonal support, Infection control, Nutritional support, Exercise) to optimize your energy--naturally.

Are you very irritable when hungry? Do you get a "Feed me now or I'll kill you" feeling? (35 points)
Is life a crisis to you? (15 points)
Do you enjoy the rush of energy you feel when you are in a crisis? (15 points)
0-24: You are probably a type B "low-key" person with healthy adrenals.
25-34: You are developing early stages of adrenal fatigue.
35-65: This suggests moderate to severe adrenal exhaustion, and your body is crying out for help.

Do you have chronic nasal congestion or sinusitis? (50 pts)
Spastic colon or irritable bowel syndrome? (gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation)? (50 points)
Have you taken antibiotics for any type of infection for more than two consecutive months, or shorter courses more than three times in a twelve-month period? (20 pts)
Have you been treated for acne with antibiotic pills for one month or longer? (50 points)
Have you had a fungal infection, such as jock itch, athlete's foot, or a nail infection that's difficult to treat? (20 points)
Do you have postnasal drip? (20 pts)
Do you have food allergies? (20 points)
Score: If your total is 50 or higher, you likely have a yeast/candida overgrowth.

Women: Menopause, Perimenopause, PMS…
Have you had a hysterectomy or ovarian surgery? (30 pts)
Do you have decreased vaginal lubrication? (25 points)
Do you have decreased sex drive (libido)? (15 points)
In the week before and around your period (or in general if you no longer have periods), do you experience worse:
Insomnia? (15 points)
Headaches? (15 points)
Fatigue? (15 points)
Hot flashes or sweats? (20 points)
Score: If you scored 30 or higher you likely have symptoms from estrogen or progesterone deficiency.

Men (over 45 years of age)…
Do you have decreased libido? (20 points)
Erectile dysfunction or decrease in erections? (20 points)
Hypertension? (20 points)
High cholesterol? (20 points)
Diabetes? (20 points)
Overweight with a "spare tire" around your waist? (20 pts)
Score: If you scored 50 or higher, these symptoms may be the result of an inadequate testosterone level--even if your blood test is normal.

Jacob Teitelbaum MD is author of the popular free iPhone application "Natural Cures", and the best-selling book From Fatigued to Fantastic! His newest book is Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! (Fairwinds Press; March 2010). Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News Channel, the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah & Friends. Learn more at www.Vitality101.com.


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